Being A Vegan Can Boost Your Dating Game In A Major Way


Food and romance are inseparable. We use sensual phrases to describe superior culinary creations, and gastronomic metaphors to talk about sexual pleasure. According to a recent survey of 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages by Zoosk, the links between dating and food are complex, weird, and wildly specific — and what snacks you put on your profile can make or break a match.

Choosing the right restaurant for a first date can be stressful AF. It might seem obvious to avoid a messy or overly complicated meal, but what if you're just dying for that plate of volcanically spicy hot wings or a heaping pile of linguini with clams? (Hint: just do it, and suffer the consequences whatever they may be.)

Navigating the inevitable dietary restrictions can be equally awkward: if you're a vegan dating a meat eater it can be awful to watch what carnage your date is diving into, and if you're gluten-free and your hot date wants to split an egg roll appetizer or basket of garlic bread, you're definitely SOL.

On the plus side, if you're down with being open about your culinary likes and dislikes, and what you do and don't find palatable, it only bodes well for your future communication habits as a dater. So single folks take note: the following are seven links between dating and food that you'll want to remember the next time you update your profile or go out with a new prospect:


Guacamole Will Get You Dates

Talking about food in your dating profile might seem less than sexy, but it exponentially impacts how many messages you'll get. According to the statisticians at Zoosk, dropping a line about how you'll always pay extra for that sweet, sweet guac on your burrito or taco salad will up inbound messages to your inbox by 144 percent. Potatoes and chocolate came in a close second and third, each showing a 101 and 100 percent increase, respectively.


Yams Are A Major Turnoff

On the other hand, there are some foods you should definitely not mention in your profile. Despite being pretty healthy for you to eat, folks who mentioned yams saw a 70 percent decrease in inbound messages, compared with the average message rate. Why all the yam hate? We'll probably never know...


Vegetarians And Vegans Are More Desirable Than Ever

Despite what the general public may feel about yams, other fruits and veggies are getting mad love on the dating scene, and vegetarians and vegans are hotter than ever. Mentioning that you're a vegetarian in your profile will get you 52 percent more incoming messages, and saying you're a vegan will get you 62 percent more incoming messages than the average. Ethics and environmentalism just might count for something after all!


Dudes Dig Fast Food On A Date

Although 59 percent of women said they'd have a negative perception of their date if they were taken to a fast food restaurant, only 25 percent of men said they feel the same way. In fact, 27 percent of men reported that if their date suggested a trip to Arby's, Wendy's, McDonald's or the like, they'd think they were easy to please, and 48 percent said it just wouldn't matter.


Buffalo Wings And Ribs Aren't Always Date-Worthy Snacks

Overall, online daters concur about which foods are the worst to eat on a date. 23 percent listed buffalo wings or ribs as a not-so-safe choice for a night on the town, but given how vastly different people's palates tend to be, this is certainly not a hard and fast rule — particularly if both parties don't mind getting a little dirty.


Millennials Prefer Sushi For A Night Out

Although 19 percent of daters on Zoosk agree that seafood is the best fare for a date, Millennials are specifically fond of sushi, voting for maki and sashimi above all else for their romantic evenings out. In fact, mentioning sushi in your profile will bring a 93 percent increase in inbound messages, but mentioning sushi in a message will decrease your response rate by 3 percent — so don't go overboard about your love of eel rolls.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries Will Always Be Sexy AF

The sexiest foods are often labeled as such because they happen to be aphrodisiacs and contain chemicals that increase circulation and/or serotonin levels. This is true with chocolate, and according to Zoosk daters, chocolate-covered strawberries are the ultimate food to get you in the mood, beating out all other gustatory delights — even wine and cheese.

So whatever food you decide to mention on your profile or eat with your date: choose wisely. Mention the right snack and you'll be more likely to match up with someone who will make your mouth water.