Starbucks’ New Cookie-Inspired Drink Won’t Be Around For Very Long


If your post-holiday season life has been missing a serious dose of sweetness, you're going to swoon for Starbuck's new drink menu item. On Tuesday, Starbucks announced a brand new winter drink called the Cinnamon Shortbread Latte, aka the CSL. If the acronym brings back warm autumnal memories of the fleeting-but-lovely PSL, you're probably already wondering just how long the Starbucks' Cinnamon Shortbread Latté will be available — because, as many Starbucks fans know, these kinds of menu items are not always forever.

Though the PSL is a beloved fall staple, it's not a fixed option so we know each year we can't get too attached. So if you're looking at the words "cinnamon" and "shortbread" and conjuring images of warm cookies and spice, you're probably also a bit concerned about getting too attached to this drink, too. On that note, let's talk a bit more about what a shortbread inspired latte entails. According to Starbucks, the CSL is a combination espresso with milk and notes of brown butter and vanilla, topped off with cinnamon and nutmeg.


What does that actually taste like? According to Starbucks, it tastes like a cup of melted cookie butter with some warming spices — but not the kind of sweetness that weighs you down, this kind of sweetness comes with a serious kick in the pants. It's a sugary rush that isn't followed but an immediate crash, thanks to the espresso factor. Enjoy this drink on the way to work or after a long day, whatever your heart desires. Depending on your mood, you can order it hot, iced, or ice blended. Cold cookies? Hot cookies? Yes, yes, all temperature cookies. And as per usual, you can customize your drink to your creative and dietary needs. Whip? No whip? Nut milk? Whole milk? You choose. Plus, depending on your caffeine preferences, you can choose between the OG Signature Espresso (which is bold and strong) or the (more low-key and subtly sweet) Espresso Blonde. No matter how you order it, the CSL is going to fill you with nostalgic baked flavors that make it a lot easier to lean into the post-holiday winter spirit.

While Starbucks' hasn't issued a specific timeline for the CSL's tenure on the drink menu, they have said that it's a while-supplies-last kind-of thing. As you can imagine, this flavor combo was created for mid winter palates so it's a seasonal drink that will likely run out before the next season begins. By the time spring rolls around there will surely be another drink that we have our hearts and tongues set on so don't get too bummed about this fleeting menu item. At the same time, hurry up and get your CLS fill while you can. You'll want to try it hot and cold and blended, making your toughest morning choice choosing between temperatures of your go-to cookie coffee drink. Rough life, I know. Keep the holiday spirit going with this cheery and sweet post-holiday drink and make #CSL a thing — winter drinks need cute nicknames too.