This Is How Much A Date Costs In 13 Major Cities Across The U.S.

Lauren Naefe/Stocksy

While most of the stress around dating tends to focus on whether or not someone has texted you back yet, there is one big source of frustration that doesn't get enough discussion: why is dating so expensive?

A new survey from dating site Elite Singles, the dating website, has looked at the cost of dating around the world and, well, people are going big. The most expensive city for dating was Oslo, where dates cost an average of — wait for it — $170. That's pretty jaw-dropping for a single date, but London wasn't far behind with an average cost of $161 — and New York wasn't far behind that. Which may beg he question, why is the cost of the date enough to feed a family of four for a week?

If these numbers horrify you or make you feel like you're doing something wrong, remember that there are ways around it. "Dinner dates don't always have to be at pricey restaurants," Karenna Alexander, a dating coach and matchmaker based in NYC and Connecticut, tells Bustle. "Inexpensive restaurants that are trendy and hip can be just as satisfying and fun." So don't feel like you have to be breaking the bank, because a lot of us just can't afford to drop that amount of cash on a date. There's no shame in that.

But it looks like some people are opening their wallets — here are some of the most expensive dating cities in America, because the bills are bigger in the Big Apple.


New York, NY: $144

New York came in with an average date of $144, making it the third most expensive city in the world and the most expensive city in the U.S.. It probably doesn't come as a shock that New York is an expensive city, but the idea of spending that much on a date is difficult to swallow.


San Francisco, CA: $140

San Francisco, another notoriously expensive city, came in at number two in the U.S. — in fact, at $140, it was only four bucks cheaper than New York. From coast to coast, we're spending big on our dating habits.


Boston, MA: $130

Boston came in at number three, with an average spend of $130.


Honolulu, HI: $129

Honolulu may be known for being prohibitively expensive, but it came in at a little cheaper than some mainland cities, with an average spend of $129 per date.


Miami, Fl: $129

Tied with Honolulu, Miami came in at $129 as well. Apparently it costs big to date and be warm at the same time.


Washington, DC: $128

The capitol wasn't far behind the top five, coming in at $128 per date.


Los Angeles, CA: $127

Los Angeles is famously expensive, so you might have expected to see it higher on the list. But at $127, it came in seventh place.


New Orleans, LA: $123

New Orleans has a huge tourist culture, so it may not be a surprise that dates are expensive, with an average spend of $123.


Minneapolis, MN: $122

Minneapolis dates don't come cheap either, at $122 per outing.


Seattle, WA: $118

Seattle, home of Starbucks and Frasier Crane, may come in at number 10, but dates still cost an eye-watering $118.


Chicago, IL: $117

The Windy City comes with some steep prices, with the average date coming in at $117.


Philadelphia, PA: $114

$114 for a date? Love in Philadelphia doesn't come cheap, apparently.


Houston, TX: $109

Finally, rounding at the top 13, Houston still came in at $109 — well above the 100 buck mark.

No matter how you cut it — or where you do it — dating can be expensive. Keeping an eye out for free activities or great coupons can always help and, if you just can't afford it, don't be afraid to suggest a cheaper location. Dating should be about getting to know someone new — not breaking the bank.