Zoella Beauty x Target Products Cost This Much

As if I needed another reason to browse the Target site. Zoella Beauty's core collection of products are coming to Target, both online and in select stores. Zoella is the alter ego of adorbs, UK-based beauty blogger Zoe Sugg. Her Zoella lifestyle collection of home goods and beyond is highly sought-after, but not widely available in the U.S... yet. Thankfully, Zoella's delish beauty range has hit the big red bullseye. Beauty addicts, product junkies, and skincare obsessives such as myself are already eyeing these products and thinking about the pricing. How much are the Zoella Beauty x Target products?

According to the press materials Bustle received, the Zoella Beauty x Target range is crazy affordable. The most expensive item is $12.95 while the cheapest product is just $4.50. Ironically, this collection will certainly be another #ByeMoney experience of 2017. But it won't send you into incredible debt nor will it empty your wallet or mess with your rent check. Or at least it shouldn't.

The Zoella Beauty Classic Collection is comprised of 10 products, from skincare to fragrance to bath. Everything sounds yummy and lush. Add the attractive pricing and your bathroom and countertop are about to become a Zoella Beauty haven.

Here is the rundown of prices for each of the 10 items.

Mini Fizz Bar, $4.50,

This Target-exclusive product will turn your bath into a fragrant, fizzy, fruity, and relaxing soak experience. Ahhh!

Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance, $8.50,

One swipe on a pulse point and you're dunzo! Plus, the heart-shaped tin is portable, way cute, and can be repurposed. How? Well, that's up to you, once you hit pan and use every last drop of product. Get creative, peeps!

Soap Pop, $6.50,

It's soap on a stick that looks like popsicle packaging. There are also hidden messages from Sugg on the stick. They will reveal themselves as you use this soap. Too freakin' cute, right?

Creamy Madly Dreamy, $8.95,

Slather this lotion all over your skin. It smells sweet and is comprised of skin-loving stuff like Vitamin E and shea butter.

Wonder Hand, $8.50,

This rich cream will leave extremities supple, conditioned, and protected against the elements.

Soak Opera, $9.95,

You can enjoy a calming, floral dip in the bath or use this as a sudsy shower cream. It's a multi-tasker with notes of musk, gardenia, and violet leaf. Can't you just feel the stress melting or floating away, circling the drain?

Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist, $12.95,

Grapefruit, vanilla, strawberry, jasmine, and gardenia. Those are just some of the notes in this yummy mist that can spritz on hair, clothes, or skin. That's how I make the most of my mists.

Pretty Polished, $12,

Exfoliate all those dead, useless skin cells with this lush sugar scrub. The generously-sized tubbed will last forever, upping its value.

Scooper Dooper, $11,

It's a bubble bath with a crazy cute moniker. If it's relaxation you seek, you will find it with this foaming and moisturizing miracle.

Wondrous Whip Body Cream, $12,

This tub of whipped fluff will soften and lightly scent the skin. It's pretty much a dream.

Sugg suffers from anxiety herself, a condition that she has been quite frank about in the media and which is noted in the press materials for these items. Therefore, it's no wonder she created a collection of products that soothe the body and mind, aiding relaxation and encouraging serenity. Zoella Beauty x Target is a summit of soothe.

Images: Courtesy of Zoeall Beauty/Target (11)