Here's Exactly How Much Kim K's Powder Contour Kit Will Cost

Kim Kardashian West's multi-million makeup dollar summer continues. The makeup mogul is already launching her second KKW Beauty product in the form of Powder Contour & Highlight Kits, which follow her debut Creme Contour Kits. These powder contour arsenals arrive on Tuesday, Aug. 22 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT.

Each kit includes two matte bronzing contour shades, two shimmer highlights, and a dual-ended brush. So, it's basically everything you need to create lines and angles through shadow and light, which is one of Kardashian's signature and iconic looks.

The Kardashian nation and makeupistas undoubtedly have a critical question: How much are the KKW Beauty Powder Contour & Highlight Kits?

Well, he kits are $52, per the posts on the brand's official social media channels.

Since there are five pieces in each kit, that shakes out to just under $11 per item. Regardless, replicating Kardashian's contoured look is priceless.

The PC&HKs come in three shade ranges — Light, Medium, and Dark/Deep Dark. If you've not had the opportunity to peep the multi-dimensional and multi-shade kits, let's fix that now by peeping the swatches.

This is Light. Doesn't it look like a sandy beach that you just want to, like, live on?

Here is Medium. If the pigmentation or the idea of blending four powder shades is intimidating to you, relax. KKW and ko. will be posting tons of tutorials and videos that guide you on how to contour and use the kits effectively.

Like this! See, KKW won't leave you hanging.

Well, hello there, Dark/Deep Dark. I can't help but wonder if KKW Beauty will expand the color options for all of their contouring kits to represent a wider variety of skin tones (and ultimately even more women) in the future.

This image of the product in the pans and in the quad has me fantasizing about sweeping a giant fluffy brush over it to create a customized, contoured look.

It only made sense for Kardashian to follow her cream kit with a powder one.

She is pretty much responsible for the popularity of the contouring trend. So giving her fans contouring options is only natural.