The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Is So Affordable

The day has finally arrived. Fans of Jaclyn Hill have been patiently waiting for what has felt like years for her collaboration with Morphe, and on Monday, June 5, the palette made its internet debut. Plus, the debut revealed how much the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette is, and the news is great for fans. Like all of Morphe Cosmetics' incredible products, the palette is definitely affordable, and it's packed full of shadows that are totally Hill-approved and crafted by the guru herself.

According to Hill's Instagram post, the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette will debut on Wednesday, June 21, for $38. Inside the palette, fans will find 35 shadows that are a mix of stunning bold hues and perfect neutrals. Once the price is broken down, that means the shades are only a fraction over $1 each. In the world of brand and beauty vlogger collaborations, that price is nearly unheard of, and it's going to make demand for the palette skyrocket.

While typical Morphe palettes of the same size retail for $22.99, the palette sets itself apart because of Hill's work on it. The guru has been working on the palette for months, and with shades curated by such a popular guru, it makes sense that these special shadows would retail for more than the traditional palette.

Fans certainly don't seem to mind the slightly increased price point, though. Not only is it still an incredible deal, but it's from Hill herself, and that's what truly matters.

In fact, fans are so excited that they've already started requesting off work to make their purchases.

Fans seem to adore the range of shades in the palette, too.

Of course, though, everyone also knows that snagging a palette before it sells out will be quite the feat. Of course, with a killer price point and incredible shades, the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette is can't miss.