People On Reddit Are Sharing How Much Sex They Have In Their Relationship & It's A Relief

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When you've been dating someone for a long time, you might eventually start to wonder how much sex is "normal" in a long-term relationship, and whether or not your sex life "measures up." The truth? Every couple is different, and it's normal to experience peaks and valleys in your sex life: sometimes you might be getting busy twice a day, and other times you might go weeks without any sex at all. As long as you and your partner are both happy and comfortable with the frequency of your sex life (and are able to communicate about it), there's no "magic number" for how often you should be having sex.

That being said, it's OK if you're still a little curious about how your sex life compares to others'. Recently, one Reddit user asked the members of r/Sex to weigh in on how often they have sex with their partners, because he'd noticed a "tapering off of sexual frequency" in his relationships — and he wanted to know if this was normal, or whether he simply had a super high libido. His post reads:

"I've been in long term relationships before and experienced tapering off of sexual frequency, but my last two relationships I felt we did not have sex very often for people our age (mid 20s, once or twice a month if that). My current relationship is still in its infancy (< 5 months) but we've already gone from frequent sex to occasional once a week sex at most, usually less.... Obviously this is something I'm going to discuss with her, but based on my past I'm beginning to think it's more of an issue with me; either having a higher sexual drive/need or unrealistic expectations on what constitutes a normal sex life for my age group."

If, like this Reddit user, you're also curious about how much sex everyone else is having, here are 15 responses from people about how often they're having sex with their partners.

Three To Four Times Per Week
Once Or Twice Per Week
Once Or Twice Per Day
Two Or Three Times Per Week
Two Or Three Times Per Week, But Sometimes Much More Often
Once Or Twice Per Week, Depending On Their Stress Levels
Every Time They See Each Other, Multiple Times Per Day
Every Day They Can
Twice Per Week
Two To Four Times Per Week
Once Per Day
At *Least* Every Three Days
Going Through A Dry Spell
Four Days Per Week, More Than Once Per Day
It Varies, Depending On Stress/Schedules

So, as evidenced by the wide variety of responses from people, there's no "right" amount of sex that you should strive for. As long as both you and your partner are satisfied and happy with your sex life, there's no need to compare your sexual relationship to anyone else's. And if you're unhappy with your sex life as it currently stands, you shouldn't be afraid to have an open, honest, conversation with your partner so the two of you can work together to take your sex life to new heights.