How The Targaryen Family Tree Connects Jon & Dany On 'GoT'

by Caroline Gerdes
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

While Game of Thrones' seventh season is coming to a close, there have been a few plots fans are waiting to see wrap up — or heat up — in the finale episode. Season 7 has been building toward a Daenerys and Jon Snow hookup. And after the pair's conversation last week while Jon laid in a bed, shirtless, sensitive, and offering to bend the knee, fans are more convinced of a union than ever. Dany and Jon would be the ultimate power couple in Westeros, or anywhere in the universe. But there is one thing holding fans back from rooting for these two crazy kids. It's just the small matter that Dany and Jon are, you know, sort of related. So just how are Jon and Dany related on Game Of Thrones?

Well, Daenerys Targaryen's father is Aerys II, aka the Mad King. Aerys had three children: Rhaegar, Viserys, and Daenerys. Rhaegar was the eldest and rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms, and also Jon Snow's father, as revealed in Bran's vision last season. So Jon's dad is Dany's brother, which makes Dany Jon's aunt.

But being related hasn't stopped couples on Game Of Thrones before (hello twincest!). It hasn't stopped Targaryens before, either. Dany's mom and dad were brother and sister. And after all, Dany and Jon don't know they are related.

Whether Dany and Jon get together or not, it will still be a twist when/if Jon finds out about his lineage. So how can Jon find out? Well, Bran saw the events transpire firsthand as the Three-Eyed Raven. He's also in Winterfell now, so it wouldn't be hard to get the word out. And Gilly was reading a book aloud at the Citadel this season that held one of the most crucial reveals in Game of Thrones history: Lyanna and Rhaegar were legally married, and therefore Jon is not a bastard.


Before more information was revealed, Gilly was rudely manterrupted by Samwell. C'mon Sam, you know better. If Gilly still has this book, then Jon's secret could become public information. Jon would have claim as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, as he is not Rhaegar's bastard, but his only surviving son from a legitimate marriage. As Rhaegar was Aerys' eldest son, in a twist, Jon has more claim to the throne than Dany.

The Jon and Dany road is full of potential twists and ripe with drama. The two could have a marriage pact. Or there could be Targaryen infighting about who has more claim to the throne. And many fans are curious about Dany's fertility, and if the couple could have children. Having been raised a bastard, I doubt Jon would allow a child to be born out of wedlock. If Dany gets pregnant from an affair, Jon would probably marry her so the child would not suffer the way he did.

As the show has moved on from the storyline of the books, no one can really be sure about what's in store for Jon and Dany. Though the title for this season's finale episode, "The Dragon and The Wolf," is certainly starting chatter among fans. Viewers will just have to tune in and see what happens to Jon and Dany in the penultimate season finale.