Here's Exactly How To Book One Of Disney World's New Adult Princess Makeovers

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Maybe you never dreamed of being a Disney Princess growing up, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just like there's nothing wrong with dreaming of being one. Now, though, you can turn into a princess IRL thanks to adult Disney Princess makeovers at Disney World. Yes, that's right. Those super sweet moments for kiddos at the park can now be turned into an upscale makeover service for adults, and you know that's a hard new Disney feature to pass up.

According to Cosmopolitan, the famed Disney Princess makeovers are getting a makeover themselves in that they're coming to adults. No longer do you have to silently yearn for Belle's half-up style. You don't have to stare longingly at Ariel's beach waves or Elsa's gorgeous purple smoky eye. They can all be yours now, thanks to the generous Disney gods who decided grown adults just want to feel like a pretty, pretty princess sometimes, too!

According to the Today, the makeovers take place at spas within the park (much different than the Bippity Bobbity Boutique for kids), and they're not called Disney Princess makeovers anymore. They're Character Couture makeovers. Much more adult, right? Maybe not, but who wants to be an adult all the time anyway? How do you get your own makeover?

It's as simple as a phone call. Disney's website explains everything you need to know about the Character Couture makeovers for adults and explains that if you'd like to book your own appointment simply give them a call. The number is listed on the website where the makeovers were announced.

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Why adult makeovers, though? As it turns out, the inspiration was only loosely based on the kids' makeovers. They actually appear to be inspired by the sensation of Disney-Bounding, though they don't follow the fashion trend. If you've never heard of this phenomenon, Disney-bounding is when you use Disney characters as inspiration for outfits. The idea and its website filled with easy to replicate character-inspired ensembles was founded by Leslie Kay in 2011, and it's clearly made a major impact on the parks.

In an interview with Today, Joseph Motowidlak, the guest experiences manager at the spa explained that they took notice of guests coming to the parks in character-inspired dress, hair, and makeup. "We really saw a need for some kind of transformative makeover experience for people of all ages," he said to Today, "something customized to allow guests to really enjoy their day on our property."

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As for the cost, there's a range of options for your adult Disney makeover. According to Cosmopolitan, a full package of nails, hair, and makeup will cost you up to $120. Today reports that the prices can go as low as $50, though. You've got a range of options.

If you want to book your Disney Princess makeover, head over to the Disney website now and snag that phone number. Once you're at the park, you'll be looking like your favorite princess in the wave of a wand. Just remember to bring setting spray, because it's hot down there.