This Easy iPhone Hack Lets You Change What Your App Icons Look Like On Your Home Screen


The same ol' boring icons don't have to be the same ol' boring thing any longer. Finally, there is not only one, but two ways to change your generic app icons so that they better reflect your ~aesthetic~. In order to spruce up your home screen, you'll want the intel on how to change the app icons on your iPhone. Turns out it's not that difficult to be your own graphic designer.

Not to knock the graphics presented by our most used apps or anything, but sometimes it's just more fun to DIY. One app available is called Iconical, and it's straight-forward. You don't need to be proficient in Photoshop to figure it out. Maybe just Paint. Iconical, available on the app store for $3, supports 85,000 apps, which means you have a lot of art projects ahead of you. In a mere three steps, you'll have new home screen art. All you have to do is log in to Iconical, which will scan your phone for supported apps. Select which app you'd like to change the icon for and then either download an image from the internet to represent it, or use the drawing tools to make up your own. That's it.

Your second option is a little bit more technologically advanced. Per PopSugar, you'll have to start by downloading the Apple Configurator 2. From there, create a profile. According to Gadget Hacks, from there you'll create bookmarks, and choose images from your Mac to use as your iPhone apps icons. You'll just have to make sure that your chosen images are less than 1.4 MB. Then simply save your work and export!

Iconical/App Store

Whichever path you take to icon graphic artistry will result in awe-inspiring home screens. Whoever catches a glimpse of your phone is going to want a piece of the DIY icon action. Because you are now not only an artist but a customizable phone genius, you'll be able to show others the way to making the most of their iPhone.

Making the most of our iPhones isn't all that hard, it turns out, when everything can be conducted on them. We can send texts, e-mails, presentations, build our business, and share pictures. We can orchestrate our lives via our thumbs. It's sometimes easy to forget that the iPhone also has the capacity to make calls. And now with the latest reveal of the Apple Card, Apple's new electronic credit card built upon Apple Pay and stored directly in your iPhone, our iPhones have made the most of our needs.

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If you're an iPhone user you can find out how to enter your emergency information and how to close all of your browser tabs with your new iPhone. Every time you think you know your phone inside out, it turns out there are even more tricks to learn.

One of these includes the ability to get a little creative — and apps like Iconical on iPhone now support our urge to express creative genius. If you have a ~vision~ of how you want your app icons to look, take to these tips and makeover your home screen.