How To Change Your FB Profile Pic For The People's Climate March

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When it comes to voicing support for a topic, social media has now become the prime location. Visibility, access, the freedom to use as many face-tuning filters as you want — it's an obvious choice. So, here'show to change your Facebook profile picture for the People's Climate March. The event will occur on April 29, and since the protest's topic directly affects, you know, the survival of the human race, now's a good time to put that topic all over social media. Talk about it, then take action for it. Because in case you needed a reminder, climate change is horrifyingly real.

Though the organization behind the march, Peoples Climate Movement, is relatively new — their first march occurred in September of 2014, on the eve of the UN Climate Summit in New York City — the People's Climate March has since emerged as a leading environmental movement. In 2015, they sought to strengthen organizing and participation on a local level; in 2016, they clarified their platform, emphasizing a decentralized, "bottom-up" leadership model and focusing efforts on communities most directly affected by climate change — often, working class communities and communities of color.

In 2017, the People's Climate Movement will be returning to the streets, this time in Washington, D.C. on April 29, urging leadership to make concrete moves towards combatting what has become, straight-up, a global crisis. A number of Sister Marches are happening across the country as well (check out the People's Climate Movement march locator if you're interested), and communities everywhere from New Zealand to Zambia will be hosting events. Which... yeah. Climate change is everyone's problem. Everyone's.

If you're unable to attend a march but still hope to voice your support, here's a quick and easy way to let all your Facebook friends know you advocate for climate justice. Don't stop your efforts at a simple profile picture, though — "hashtag activism" is powerless without backing by concrete actions. Keep up on environmental news! Think local! Call your representatives! Donate to these environmental protection organizations! Don't pretend it isn't happening because guess what, my dudes, it 100 percent is!


Log Into Facebook

If you don't have a Facebook, then A) good on you, and 2) this article is not relevant to your life. (You can definitely read it anyway, though. You do you.)


Head To The Profile Picture Frames Page

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The frames page can be found here. Did you guys know all these filters existed?!


Select Your Filter

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In addition to the "Earthjustice Earth Day" filter, there are two March for Science filters, and an Earth Hour 2017 filter (sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund). There may be more popping up int the coming days, too, so hey, keep checking back.


Set Your Filter's Expiration Date

"Never" is legitimately an option.


Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

And then call your representatives. Because we do not have a Planet B.