Climate Strikes Are Happening In Over 150 Countries — Here's How To Find One Near You

Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Sept. 20 and throughout the following week, activists around the world will be taking a stand to address the climate crisis. The Global Climate Strike hopes to bring widespread attention to an urgent issue — and its organizers want as many people as possible to join the cause. If you want to be a part of this movement, there's an easy way to find a climate strike near you.

According to its website, the Global Climate Strike is a "joint response by a broad coalition of groups, NGOs, unions and social movements across the world" to a call for action on climate change by young people. As the website indicates, students around the world have been engaging in climate activism through #FridaysforFuture — a movement inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg that encourages students to skip classes every Friday to hold a climate strike, if they can. As The Guardian reported, students have asked adults to join in on these climate strikes on Sept. 20 and the week following.

If you want to join one of these strikes, it's really easy to find one that's close to you. The Global Climate Strike's website has an event locator that lets you type in your city and country or your zip code to find a nearby strike. It'll then give you relevant details (like time, place, and date) for all nearby events, as well as the opportunity to find out more information about a specific one and send an online RSVP.

If you can't find a climate strike in your area, but still want to participate, consider organizing your own climate strike. The Global Climate Strike's website has an incredibly comprehensive guide to hosting your own strike, which should be very helpful for facilitating this process. First, you need to register your event via the website, and then you can use the group's organizing guides and action ideas to help you plan as your strike day (or days) draws nearer.

For those who are unable to participate in a strike altogether, there are still other ways you can show your support. As the Global Climate Strike's website indicates, the best thing you can do to help outside of striking and organizing is to spread the word, particularly about the crucial role that students are playing in fighting climate change. "Talk to everyone you know — young or grown-up — about the climate strikes, about what they’ve achieved already; and our role in supporting young people," the website notes. "Share with them your own reasons for wanting to see urgent climate action." The website also suggests that you use social media to further amplify your message of support for the Global Climate Strike.

And, finally, you can also take steps to engage in climate change activism more broadly. For example, consider contacting your legislators to advocate for climate change legislation or evaluating your own impact on the environment (such as through your diet or your consumption habits) — and work to reduce your environmental footprint. Every action you take to help put an end to climate change certainly makes a difference.