How To Get "Pokemon Duel"

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If you miss playing Pokemon games with your friends, rather than solo on an augmented reality screen (you '90s kid, you), then learning how to get "Pokemon Duel" should be at the top of your to-do list. The new app for iOS and Android is here to satisfy all your Pokemon needs, and even better, it's free! Piggybacking on the incredible success of "Pokemon Go," which was developed by Niantic Inc., the new game created in-house by The Pokemon Company offers players something they've never been able to do before on their phone screens: Battle against friends.

Being the very best in "Pokemon Duel" has nothing to do with filling up your Pokedex or incubating eggs. Instead, players become Pokemon masters through beating opponents at a game that might best be described as Pokemon chess. Players select a team of six Pokemon, each with different strengths and movements; together, these Pokemon make up your "duel set." To play, advance the pocket monster figures of your duel set across the game board, blocking your opponent, so that you are first to reach the goal. There is quite a bit of strategy involved and new Pokemon statistics to learn — so, yes, it's a bit more complicated then simply tapping your screen repeatedly at the ol' Poke Gym.

While there is currently no crossover between the two Pokemon apps, "Pokemon Go" fans should definitely give the new game a shot. To learn how to install "Pokemon Duel" on your phone, follow these step-by-step instructions, and challenge your friends to a battle on your lunch break!


Download "Pokemon Duel" On Your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device

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To download the latest Pokemon-centric game, go to app store and search "Pokemon Duel." (It may also be listed under featured apps.) I have an iPhone, so as you can see here, I then tapped "Get," followed by "Install" — located in the upper righthand corner of the screen — to get the game itself onto my device. Once the app has been completely downloaded, you can then tap "Open" to continue the set-up process.


Enter Your Player Information And Read The Terms Of Use

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Once you open the app, the game will prompt you to choose a language (either English or Japanese) and request that you enter and submit your date of birth. Once this is complete, the app will bring you to a terms of use page and request to send you notifications. Click "OK" on the transfer warning page, and "Pokemon Duel" will begin to download once more. This may take a minute or two; it is recommended that you're device is connected to Wi-Fi or 4G while playing the game.


Set A Nickname and Create An Avatar

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After a brief intro, the app will request that you tap the screen to begin. From there, you will be greeted by an character named Rosé (yes, really) who will brief you on the background story of "Pokemon Duel." You will then be prompted to set a nickname. These names will be publicly displayed, so you can find and challenge your friends to battle.

Once you have entered your nickname, hit "OK" and the app will give you two items: Your first duel set, and a mask. (Apparently everyone participating in the "Pokemon Figure Game World Championships" wears one, according to Rosé . It feels a little Eyes Wide Shut to me, but what do I know?)

Just like in "Pokemon Go," there are no defined avatar genders — you will only be asked to choose your hair style, hair color, and skin tone.


Play Your First Match!

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A character named Luca (first introduced as "Well-Dressed Boy," also known as your new bae) will walk you through how exactly to battle and set up your deck. This will take some time; it's definitely not as simple as putting in one high level Pokemon and tapping as fast as you can to defeat your opponent.

"Pokemon Duel" requires strategic thinking, and there are no teams, so get ready for a whole new Pokemon experience!