Pumpkin Spice Spam Is About To Hit Shelves For All Your Autumnal Needs


Was there a law passed or something? I feel like there has been a national decree that says every product, from August until November, must be available in pumpkin spice options. Every. Single. One. Pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin space aspirin, pumpkin spice toilets — I'm convinced there is no limit. Because now Pumpkin Spice Spam exists — and that didn't just happen. There must be a law, somewhere. Why else would it be real?

That's right — Spam, the cooked pork in a can, has gone full pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice Spam was only an internet joke on Facebook in 2017 — but now it is 2019 and it is oh so real. Hormel Foods Corp. will be selling the product exclusively online, so from Sept. 23 you'll be able to get it online at the Spam and Walmart websites.

And, guess what? It's apparently pretty good. The folks over at The Daily Meal got a sneak peek of this somewhat befuddling flavor mashup — and it actually went down pretty well.

"Although this is one of the more peculiar pumpkin spice products on the market, surprisingly, the general consensus was that the flavor really wasn’t bad," the review explains. "It certainly had that soft texture that anyone who’s had Spam will be familiar with, as well as the expected salty, porky Spam flavor. Cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg shared center stage with the rich and savory Spam flavor, however, along with a hint of sweetness." Doesn't sound too shabby, right?

As one of the tasters explained, “It reminds me of breakfast sausage. Honestly, it would go great with some eggs and waffles.” So if you're already a fan of Spam, then you might want to branch out a little bit into this whole new world of Spam goodness.

I know that Pumpkin Spice Spam might seem like a little bit of a stretch — but is it, really? With everything else we've seen pumpkin spiced? We've recently seen it enter every corner our lives because, as fall approaches, it's impossible to ignore the fact that everything is now both pumpkin and spiced. You can get Pumpkin Spiced Filled Baking Truffles, to turn all of your cookies into little explosions of fall flavor. We haven't even had the release of the Starbucks PSL this season yet, but we already have seen their pumpkin spiced grocery offerings and they are immense, with a huge range from creamers to ground coffee to cookie straws, all with that classic PSL taste.

But what if you hate pumpkin spice and all fo the fall products that go along with it? Well, there are still some treats out there for you — just stick to some Halloween candy and you'll be fine.

So though Pumpkin Spice Spam may be a little bit outside the box, it's certainly not that much of a stretch, considering the wave of pumpkin spice products that is currently washing up on all of our shores. Whether or not you hop online to actually try Pumpkin Spice Spam come this September or you just want to keep track of the most ridiculous pumpkin spice offerings that we are seeing this year, this product has definitely thrown a gauntlet. Who's going to raise the bar? Pumpkin Spice paper towels, anyone?