12 Fall Products To Try If You Hate Pumpkin Spice

by Megan Grant

If you're human and you have a heartbeat, odds are you've already indulged in the season's first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or some other pumpkin-flavored fall treat. There remains a group of people, though — a small, mysterious community — that doesn't actually enjoy pumpkin spice. I know, I know. I'm confused too. Regardless, you're still covered. If you're one of these rare creatures who doesn't like the flavor but still wants to celebrate autumn, we've rounded up 11 fall products to try if you hate pumpkin spice.

But seriously, why do you hate pumpkin spice so much?

Pumpkin spice became so popular that we forgot anything else even exists. The Captain Morgan rum, the hair color, the beauty products — the ingredient is everywhere. However, there are a number of other flavors symbolic of fall, like apple, maple, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Nibble on any treat bursting with these flavors — and sans pumpkins spice — and you'll be ready to throw on your favorite chunky knit sweater and watch Hocus Pocus on repeat. Don't forget to Instagram it, or it never happened.

If the taste — and maybe the basicness — of pumpkin spice is simply too much to bear, check out these 11 other fall-tastic products that are packed with the flavor of the season. No pumpkin spice needed!


Bobo's Apple Pie Oat Bar

Bobo's are the bomb dot com, and their apple pie oat bar is perf for fall. The hint of cinnamon will take you back to the days when your grandma used to bake these pies from scratch every autumn. Simply heavenly. (And yes, they also have a pumpkin spice flavor.) Plus, Bobo's carefully crafts their oat bars with oodles of love — and fresh ingredients, too. Win!


Caramel Brownie Overload Ice Cream

Once you get done eating your oat bar, wash it down with ice cream. Turkey Hill's Caramel Brownie Overload ice cream is a favorite for this time of year. In fact, caramel everything is a favorite for this time of year. If it's not smothered in caramel, is it even meant to be eaten in the fall?


Apple Pie Oreos

It's milk's favorite cookie! Instead of the usual chocolate cookie with white frosting filling, these bad boys taste like America's favorite autumn dessert. Still perfectly dunkable, BTW. And let's talk about this graham-flavored cookie. How amazing is the graham-flavored cookie?


S'mores Candy Corn

I know there are a few of you out there who like candy corn — maybe five or six of you. If you want to spice things up and try a flavor that doesn't taste like the inside of someone's shoe, grab a bag of Brach's s'mores candy corn. Also, why do you like candy corn?


Little Debbie S'mores Cake Rolls

OMG. Do you remember eating these as an after-school snack back in the '90s? Continue the tradition as an adult while simultaneously celebrating the best time of year. These teeny cake rolls are so jam packed with s'mores flavor, you'll think you're sitting next to the campfire.


Caramel Apple

There's no way to chip a front tooth quite like biting into a fresh, rock hard caramel apple. Save on your dental bill with Noosa's caramel apple yogurt. They also have caramel chocolate pecan and, yes, pumpkin spice. If you're smart, you'll eat one of each.


Apple Cinnamon RXBAR

The apple cinnamon RXBAR makes for the perfect midday pick-me-up during the chilly autumn months. It's super nutritious, and look! Not a hint of pumpkin spice (although they have that flavor too, FYI).


Pecan Pie M&M's

The only thing as good as a slice of warm apple pie is a slice of warm pecan pie. If you're no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, these pecan pie M&M's will probably do just fine.


Starbucks Apple Cider Doughnut

When I was but a wee one, my mom would take us to the orchard to pick apples, drink freshly-made apple cider, and eat warm doughnuts. This delicious Starbucks apple cider doughnut will take all of us back to the autumns of our youth. *sigh*


S'mores Pretzels

Are we noticing a theme here? If you thought summertime was the only time for s'mores, guess again. S'mores munchies are alive and well through the fall season. If salted caramel is more your jam, they have that too.


Maple Bourbon Boursin Cheese

Perhaps one of the most underrated and delicious fall flavors is maple — and with this offering from Boursin set to hit shelves in early September, your future cheese plates can get extra autumnal, without being compromised by pumpkin flavors.


Pillsbury Grands! Hot Cocoa Rolls

While it might not be *super* specifically fall, when the temps start to cool down, you can bet I'll be cozied up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa — and possibly a hot cocoa roll with marshmallow icing? Let me think... Let me think... That would be YES.