7 Ways To Come Up With A Genius Wedding Hashtag For Your Friend’s Big Day

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When you're helping a friend plan a wedding, there are seemingly endless chores to do. Some tasks are more fun, like cake tasting or flower shopping, while something like assembling hundreds of party favor bags probably isn't your idea of a blast. Helping your friend come up with a wedding hashtag can be a really exciting way to build anticipation for the upcoming wedding on their social media account, and help organize guests' photos from the big day. But it can also seem daunting to create something totally original.

In the midst of your brainstorming session, make sure not to lose focus and, "be fun and be creative," Elizabeth Tulipana, owner and founder of Anticipation Events, tells Bustle. You might choose something that represents the couple's mutual pop culture obsession or the place they met, for example. But that doesn't mean that you have to spend hours on the project. In fact, guests are usually pretty easily pleased, when it comes to wedding hashtags. "Everyone loves a pun or a mashup," Tulipana says, so stick to the classics if you're feeling stressed and you'll be good to go.

The special couple in your life might be totally into the zaniest hashtag you can think of, or they might be more into keeping things simple and classy. Here are some tips on how to craft the perfect wedding hashtag.


Loosen Up A Bit

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It can seem a little like homework to have to brainstorm wedding hashtags, especially if they're for someone else's wedding. But try not to take the task too seriously, Trish Simitakos, wedding planner and owner of Trish Star Events, tells Bustle. Instead, make it into a game. Not only will a couple of drinks help you and your friends feel like you're having fun, but it could also have an important practical purpose when it comes to creating the hashtag. "Have a couple glasses of wine, and then try to spell it," says Simitakos. "If you can spell it while buzzed, your guests can spell it [if they drink at the wedding too]."


Take Your Time

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You may feel really connected to the first hilarious hashtag combination that pops up in your mind, but do your best not to get too attached early on, says Simitakos. "It might take you up to 20 iterations before you hit gold," she says. Instead of honing in on one specific approach, try out a variety of different hashtag styles. Be original, but not difficult.


Stay Away From Certain "Banned" Hashtags

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Instagram can be a tricky place, but what the platform hides is not always as predictible as you might think. It's not just offensive content that's potentially blocked, and you definitely want to stay away from anything that's on the infamous blocked Instagram hashtag list, says Simitakos. Something as seemingly innocuous as #kissing or #puppydogmondays is on the list, according to Social Insider, so do a little bit of research to make sure that your pick is in the clear.


Avoid Accidental Branding


You may have no idea about it, but your super sweet hashtag pick could actually have been used in a marketing campaign for a brand, says Simitakos. This could be especially annoying if your wedding hashtag is linked to a very weird or even offensive brand, so be sure to research the tag before you commit to it. "Research your tag across several platforms to make sure your guests do not become an inadvertent marketing campaign," she says.


Read It Out Loud

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If you're reading something in your head, you might not catch any inadvertant homonyms or alternate meanings, but you can bet that any kids at the wedding will catch hidden dirty jokes in an instant. "Read the tag like a 5th grader," Simitakos says. "Seriously, be a child about it."


Send It Out Ahead Of Time


You and your friends might be tempted to save the final hashtag until the day of the wedding, but if you really want your guests to be sure to join in on the fun of posting, release it ahead of time, Simitakos says. "Ask them to save it on their phones clipboard, or notepad, so they don't have to fumble that night," she says. They will be able to keep the hashtag in mind, but they'll also have it to take any pre-wedding getting ready photos, so that you'll be able to scroll through them later. Plus, if you'd like less social media literate parents or grandparents to join in, having a little extra time can give you the space to give them a quick demo.


Incorporate It Into The Wedding


After you've finished all of your hard brainstorming work, don't forget to make your genius idea count by including it in visible places at the actual wedding. "Don't forget to brand it where people tend to stop for a while," says Simitakos. "Have signs at the bar, maybe a small reminder at the guest tables," she says, "and most importantly, in the bathroom or lounge area. It is typically a great place to remind guests to post and tag."

Whether you end up going with something super unique, or a hashtag that's sure to make everyone laugh, it can make the occasion even more special. As you look at all of the magical pics that guests captured from the night and posted to social media, all of your hard work will all be totally worth it.