The Best Way To Organize Your Life, Based On Your Myers Briggs Type
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It's no secret that some people are naturally organized while other people — like me — struggle to even open their mail. If you don't have that whole organized thing down, you can learn how to organize your life based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment divides everyone into 16 distinct types based on how you perceive and judge the world, and it can be a useful tool for not only understanding your own strengths and weakness, but for understanding others as well. Your Myers-Briggs Type can also help you take control of your life, but what works for one type might not work for another.

"Identify an important personal or professional goal. Use your MBTI results to identify important strengths and weaknesses. List action steps you can take using your strengths to achieve your goal," Christine Allen, Ph.D. told Forbes. "Then consider how your weaknesses or areas of development could interfere with your effort to achieve your goal. Write out your own development plan and find a friend or colleague to be a buddy coach." For me, an INFP, being organized is entering a keyword into my email and searching for a message. Other types find my less-than- ideal organization technique downright horrifying. But, hey, it works for me. If you're struggling to stay on top of things, here's how to organize your life based on your Myers-Briggs Type.


ISTJs Are Suckers For Spreadsheets

Personally, being asked to do anything that involves a spreadsheet is likely to induce both feelings of dread and tears. But, ISTJs thrive on being uber organized, and there's a spreadsheet for that. Spreadsheets like Google docs, Excel, or Smartsheet is a comforting way to keep track of everything from tasks to bank statements to appointments and more.


ISFJs Thrive On Accuracy Apps

For ISFJs, being accurate is of the utmost importance. This is the type most likely to use a calculator to leave exactly 20 percent at a restaurant, or adopt the mindset measure twice, cut once. ISFJs like to get things right the first time, which is why apps like SizeUp, which lets you accurately measure anything, are key for my-way-or-the-highways ISFJs, especially when organizing their homes.


INFJs Seek Big-Picture Solutions

For INFJs, being organized starts in the brain. This is because this Myers Briggs Type craves meaning and seeks to understand what motivates people. Already organized by nature, INFJs need a tool to help motivate them to complete tasks. The app uses music as cognitive stimulation to unlock potential, and claims to work in 15 minutes or less. So, for INFJs that have trouble finishing tasks, a personalized music app could be an ideal procrastination buster.


INTJs Need A Central Hub To Make It All Happen

While they are introverts, a lot of INTJs are also skilled collaborators when it comes to getting something done, which is why a program like Basecamp is perfect for managing projects or events. Collaboration hubs allow this type to implement their big ideas by assigning everyone tasks, creating calendars, and putting in notification reminders so they can know what's happening all of the time.


ISTPs Want To Work Smarter, Not Harder

ISTPs are keen observers. They're skilled at watching and waiting, but when a problem arises they know how to fix it ASAP. This Myers-Briggs Type loathes wasting time, so apps like Smarter Time help ISTPs make sure they're making the most of their days and not losing time in the weeds.


ISFPs Benefit From Old-Fashioned Journaling

ISFPs know that the written word is not dead. This type likes to work at their own pace and live in the present moment. For ISFPs, carrying a journal around allows them to jot down to-do lists to be completed at a later date, thoughts and ideas, and all of their feelings. From tasks to musings, this technique helps this sensitive type keep everything organized and in one place.


INFPs Need Help Saving All Of Their Ideas

INFPs have a thirst for knowledge, and they love to learn everything about stuff that fascinates them. For me this means forwarding things to my email, Facebook Messenger, or even texting myself. I will admit that this is a less-than-ideal way to stay organized. For the curious INFP, a app like Evernote is an easy way to organize all of their searches, saved articles, and scribbles in one accessible place.


INTPs Benefit From The Pomodoro Technique

INTPs love logic and demand explanations for everything that interests them. One of the most introverted Myers-Briggs Types, INTPs are comfortable spending a lot of time alone, but that doesn't mean they're not easy distracted. For this Myers-Briggs Type, the Pomodoro Technique, also know as the kitchen-timer method, touted by actor and author Lauren Graham, can help divide the day up into chunks of time devoted to specific tasks so the curious INTP is less likely to multitask and get distracted.


ESTPs Need Help Keeping Track Of Everything

ESTPs are one of the most disorganized types due to their propensity to live in the moment. While this is a great trait, it means that somethings ESTPs forget about things as soon as they happen, like signing up for that free trial that starts billing them after 30 days. This is where apps like Truebill can help them stay organized. This app combs subscriptions to identify where money is being wasted on things the ESTP has long forgotten about.


ESFPs Want A Place To Brainstorm With Their Crew

ESFPs love everything about life, and they have so many big ideas that sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. An ESFP needs a central hub to organize everything and communicate with their crew, which is why Slack is the perfect place to keep all of their conversations, ideas, and to-do lists. The best part? There's not a spreadsheet in sight. For keeping their personal lives organized, Evernote is also a great option.


ENFPs Need A Personal Assistant

ENFPs can easily get overwhelmed if they have too many tasks and ideas and no concept of how to organize or follow through. Ideally, an ENFP needs a personal assistant, though that's not always a feasible option. Fear not. Disorganized ENFPs can get a digital personal assistant like, which offers Amy and Andrew, not-real-people that can schedule an ENFPs life so they can actually get out of the weeds and get stuff done.


ENTPs Solve Problems With Post-Its

ENTPs are already fairly organized. They're able to quickly solve challenging problems, and have a keen ability analyze any situation on the fly. However, the ENTPs tendency to lose interest in things quickly means they can often forget to do things, and good, old-fashioned Post-Its are an easy solution for reminding them to do everything from take out the trash to remember that weekly call with mom. One way to ensure the Post-It is seen is to stick it to the bathroom mirror.


ESTJs Delve Into The Details

If there is an event that needs to be planned or a trip that needs to be organized, ESTJs are the go-to Myers-Briggs Type. Their keen attention to detail means that this type won't forget a single thing, and apps like Trello can help ESTJs keep all of these minute details straight so they have more time to focus one of their eleventy million other tasks, like planning more trips, parties, and events.


ESFJs Thrive On Routine

ESFJs crave routine, harmony, and timeliness. Loyal and loving, this type wants to make sure they get the most out of every day. An app like Habit Tracker can assist ESFJs with setting and keeping routines by offering easy reminders, rewards for getting stuff done, and insights into how to be more productive.


ENFJs Benefit From Organizing Their Brains

ENFJs are often so busy responding to others they can forget to take any time to organize their own thoughts. This type makes for an inspiring leader, but only if they don't neglect themselves. For the busy AF ENFJ, a meditation app like Simple Habit's For Women, By Women playlist of guided meditations can help this type clear the clutter from their mind and organize their thoughts so they can get right back out there to keep leading like the bosses they are.


ENTJs Like Things Orderly AF

For the super logical and orderly ENTJ, an old-school organization tool like color coding can help this Myers-Briggs Type keep everything in order at all times. From folders IRL and to files on their phones and computers, books, clothes, and more, assigning everything a color will make an ENTJ feel accomplished and satisfied. Additionally, the ENTJ can also benefit from adopting the KonMari Method, which is a method for decluttering and tidying up your home once and for all.

While every Myers-Briggs Type is different, and getting organized is subjective, some level of organization is attainable for all 16 personality types. You just need to decide what an orderly life looks like for you and choose methods and tools that will help you achieve your goals.