This Is How To Successful Shop Kylie's V Day Set

When Kylie Cosmetics drops new products or new colors for the first time, they sell out instantly. I expect the same for Kylie Cosmetics; Valentine's Day 2017 Collection, which features new Lip Kit colors, the brand's first-ever blushes, which are housed in the Kylie's Diary Palette with nine eyeshadows, and the Mini Valentine lip and eye sets. The Kylie Valentine's Day collection arrives on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. The brand has confirmed that the V Day range is indeed limited edition.

All of these elements — the limited edition nature, the fact that this is the first time the products are dropping, and because there are brand new colors and items— add up to a shopping frenzy.

Kylie Cosmetics diehards who stock up regularly will line up to shop. Past customers will likely return to check out the new inventory and grab new items if they haven't shopped recently. Casual customers will drop by to browse, likely unaware of how maniacal new launches can be.

This additional flood of traffic to the site will potentially lead reduced speed and functionality, overworked servers, and a higher degree of difficulty in obtaining the new KLKLs or those blushes.

But I have a few tips that I can share to ensure you get what you want and go!

There it is in black and white... and red. The V Day range is limited edition and not a permanent addition.

Here's what to know and do. The Mini Matte set, featuring six vials of the brand's hero product liquid lipstick, will likely sell out quickly. The brand has only dropped Mini Matte sets in the 2016 Birthday Edition Collection and in the 2016 Holiday Collection. So, if you covet those, know how many other products you want in advance, get on the site, throw your wish list pieces in your cart, and move on. The launch date is no time to browse.

Expect Kylie's Diary to be a huge hit that sells out fast, since it has two blushes, which are a first for the brand. The loyalists will want to test-drive those first and ASAP! If the palette is something you covet, don't poke around if you gain site access. Put it in your cart and check out.

Lastly, here are some general rules to follow. Go on the Kylie Cosmetics site now to create an account and supply info. That way, it will autopopulate when you check out and you won't waste valuable seconds typing in your address, leading to someone butting in front of you in the digital line or typos.

About 10 minutes prior to the launch, close out all other browsers and digital distractions, if able. If you are at work, take a supervisor-approved break. Don't ditch your responsibilities or do anything that could get you in trouble. If you are minding your siblings, don't forget that's the most important task at hand.

If you can do so responsibly, shut down other browsers and windows. Open a single tab to the Kylie Cosmetics site. As soon as the launch is live, keep your credit card nearby just in case, even if you info is already saved on the site, and fill your cart with the products you and check out.

Don't browse. Don't look focus. Stick to the V Day collection and go!

Good luck.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (6)