How to Smell Like Your Fave Wine Because Rosé All Day


Smelling like your favorite beverage isn't uncommon. There are tons of sweet and creamy perfumes out there, like Melanie Martinez's Crybaby Perfume Milk. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton's Rosé Rush is a fruity floral taking inspo from wine. Well, these tips will take the trend to a whole different level.

Scentbird's Scent Sommelier Steve Johnson provided these insider tips about how to smell like other beloved wines and adult bevs exclusively to Bustle.

If you want to up your fragrance game by smelling like Pinot Noir, Champagne, Chardonnay, and more, here's exactly how to do it. If you can't pop open a bottle and enjoy a fresh, relaxing glass of vino at a given moment, well, at least you can still smell like it.

Johnson explained which perfume notes match or pair most harmoniously with which wines. Consult this handy dandy guide if you want to waltz into a room and be literally intoxicating.

Plus, if you wear these suggested notes while having a glass of your preferred vino, the additional olfactory stimulation should increase how delish your wine tastes and smells. Even more incentive to smell amazing.

Courtesy of Scentbird

If your fave wine is fruity, like Pinot Noir or Beaujolais Nouveau, then fragrances with notes of raspberry, cherry blossom, strawberry, cotton candy, violet, and chocolate will work wonders.

Courtesy of Scentbird

If you are a dessert wine fan or prefer a Chardonnay, which often have tropical fruit or vanilla aromas, select a perfume with madagascar vanilla, vanilla bean, guaiac wood, caramel, peach, pineapple, yuzu, marshmallow, benzoin, jasmine, neroli, honey, gardenia, freesia, or tuberose in its lineup.

Courtesy of Scentbird

Prefer a Merlot, which often has a green olive or kitchen spice smell? Then choose a muskier, richer fragrance comprised of any combo of these notes: oak moss, basil, rosemary, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, chocolate, or patchouli.

Courtesy of Scentbird

Fans of light-bodied and chilled red wines should gravitate towards perfumes with strawberry, cherry blossom, raspberry, musk, carnation, peony, geranium, or lavender notes.

Courtesy of Scentbird

Lastly, if you opt for fizzy bevs like Champagne, then opt for an "Eau de" with aldehydes, citrus, orange blossom, neroli, bread notes, heliotrope, almond, or toast notes.


If you consult this guide and employ these tips, don't be surprised if you hug a friend and they respond, "You smell so good! Wanna go get a drink?!"