How To Tell If Your Partner Would Make A Good Roommate, According To Experts

Ashley Batz/Bustle

On the list of big relationship milestones, moving in with your partner for the first time is pretty darn close to the top. When it comes time for that big step, it's normal to feel excited — who wouldn't want to have a permanent sleepover with their partner?! — but you shouldn't let your excitement distract you from some of the realities of living with a partner. Because let's face it: even if you love someone as your partner, there's always the chance that, as a roommate, they could have some behaviors that get on your nerves.

"You have reached the milestone in your relationship where you are considering sharing a home with your partner — now what? Hanging out with someone a few times a week is much different than living with [them] 24/7," Justin Lavelle, relationship expert and chief communications officer for BeenVerified, tells Bustle. "How can you be sure that your partner is reliable, respectful, responsible, and honest — all traits of a decent roommate?"

Before you take that step with someone, it's crucial to have a conversation (or several) about things like the division of chores, your living situation dealbreakers, what kind of home you'd like to share, and what you want your living-together relationship to look like. If you can communicate about all that stuff, there's nothing stopping you from having a happy, harmonious life together once you move in. But in case you need a little reassurance before you make that decision, here are eight subtle signs that your partner would make a great roommate, according to experts.