Huda Beauty's New Foundation Has Beauty Lovers Of All Shades Covered

by Summer Arlexis

It's been a long time coming, but Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation is finally going to see the light of day. When word spread almost one year ago (!!!) that Huda Kattan might be creating foundation, the beauty sphere was turned upside-down. From lashes to liquid lippies to highly-coveted makeup palettes, Kattan has some of the best products on the market. That's not even to mention that the beauty guru's formula consistently slays the competition.

Though the highly-anticipated Desert Dusk Palette just launched, Huda Beauty's #FauxFilter Foundation is coming not even a month later. The much-anticipated product will be here on Oct. 13, available for $40 on Kattan and Sephora's sites.

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation, $40, Sephora

The foundation range arrives in light of Rihanna's release of 40 Fenty Beauty foundation shades, which is a tough act to follow, considering girlfriend truly had women of color in mind with her range. But Kattan is already proving Fenty isn't going to be the only brand catering to the masses. There may be 10 less shades in the Huda Beauty foundation collection, but the hues are pretty all-inclusive.

According to Huda Beauty's blog, it took nearly two years to perfect the foundation range, and it looks like it was time and effort well spent. Swatches of the soon-to-be-released bases are proof there is something for nearly everyone in the #FauxFilter offerings.

Comparisons to other brands aside, the #FauxFilter Foundation range is pretty representative. The collection features six distinctly different shades in each major complexion category: fair, light, medium, tan, and deep. There doesn't appear to be "fifty shades of beige" in this collection, an almost unheard of feat for an initial foundation launch.

Differences in undertones are noticeable as well, proving Kattan understands crafting the perfect base requires much attention to detail.


But the expansive shade range has been expected. From the foundation's conception, Kattan has always had beauty lovers of all complexions in mind. Taking to Snapchat back in February 2017 to show off her latest project, Kattan said that creating a foundation range was the hardest thing she had done thus far in her beauty career.

Although the makeup maven has since narrowed her swatches down to 30 finalized shades, it seems she picked the right bases of the bunch. Everyone may not find their perfect match in the #FauxFilter range, but Kattan's product is still suitable for beauty lovers of varying ethnicities.

It's not just the shade range, however, that makes #FauxFilter Foundation a winner. As early as April 2017, Kattan showed of the power of her formula in photos. The full coverage base applies beautifully, as shown by an early Instagram post where Kattan rocks the foundation sans concealer and color corrector.

Blended seamlessly into the skin, there's not a blemish in site upon application of this miracle-worker. Combined with the Complexion Perfection Base Primer and the Buff Blend Brush releasing soon with #FauxFilter, this will be your ultimate complexion trio for radiant, airbrush finish makeup.

As if Kattan wasn't already building an award-winning beauty empire, the #FauxFilter Foundation is expected to help secure her place as a top industry influencer. Plus, any brand that makes an effort to cater to deeper complexions will always be a winner in my book, even if there's more work to be done have a truly all-inclusive line.

But to have a 30 shade release is a huge deal in the beauty industry. And who's to say the beauty guru won't add more hues to the collection later?

For now, it's worth celebrating the fact that more beauty brands are working toward inclusivity of all skin tones in their foundation lines.

Now if only the entire industry would take after Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty, not a single makeup lover will ever be left out. And that's how it should be.