Nick & Raven May Build A Post-'Bach' Life Together

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Drew Cason

The Bachelor is almost over. Bachelor Nick has narrowed down a large group of women to just four ladies. It's a tough job, dating a bunch of beautiful ladies but someone has to do it. And Nick has done it relatively well, leading with humor and being OK with being extra vulnerable in front of millions. Also equally hilarious and vulnerable is Bachelor frontrunner Raven Gates. She's a business owner and also the epitome of southern charm. Raven was an early frontrunner for Nick's heart because of her down-to-earth attitude, quirkiness, and clear connection with our leading man. But, she's more than just her appearance on the show; she's also a super cool entrepreneur. Raven owns her own boutique in Jonesboro, Arkansas and is originally from the small town of Hoxie, Arkansas. We got a glimpse of her life there during her hometown date, and here's what Nick's Hoxie, Arkansas life with Raven would look like if he chooses her and starts a life in her hometown (or at least visits every once in awhile).

It's entirely possible, of course, that Nick won't end up with Raven. It's been a competitive season and at this point it's anyone's game. Also, if Nick does choose Raven, they may very well decide to settle in California where he's based. But, Raven is very close with her family, so the two would have to make some trips to Arkansas every once in awhile and this is what Nick would be in for.

A Very Small Town

Look around Nick. What you see is pretty much what there is in Hoxie, AR. Hoxie is the definition of a small southern town. With a population of around 2700 people, this is the sort of town where you know everyone's name. And probably everyone's drama. To put it into perspective: I went to Northwestern University. We had about 2000 people per class.

New Pastimes

Raven set up what there is to do in Hoxie, AR from Episode 1. She said:

"For fun you go mudding, you shoot guns, you read your bible. Three words I'd use to describe Hoxie is family, faith and football. Because that's literally all we have."

While Nick may be more used to Chicago or L.A. activities, he would have to adjust to a different type of fun. On the hometown visit, he partook in mudding and seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. A lot of that may have had to do with the fact that he ended up making out in the mud. There could be a lot more muddy adventures if he picks Raven.

Family Centric

Family is at the center of Raven's small town. Nick is also extremely close to his family. Nick has 10 siblings and is close to his parents. Moving to Hoxie, AR would mean becoming a part of Raven's tight family. We've already seen Raven support her dad through cancer and heard her talk about the love she has for her parents. Nick would have to adjust to living nearby to his new love's very close family. But, I'm sure he'd fit right in.

He'd Be A Grey Suede Man

Raven owns a small boutique called Grey Suede. There are many ways Nick could support his woman's business. He could use his massive social media following to send her new customers, talk up her clothing on TV, or even model for her. Nick does have a modeling background.

Life Out Of The Spotlight

Would Nick be willing to give up the spotlight for the right woman? Nick has been on four Bachelor franchise shows and was recently reported as a potential Dancing With The Stars competitor. To move to Hoxie would mean living a bit of life off TV. That could be a hard adjustment for the professional reality TV show star. What happens if you go through life not being interviewed after important events? I guess the couple could always have a Hoxie, AR reality TV show. Follow Nick as he tries to make it work in a small southern town!

This is all speculation as The Bachelor has not ended yet. But, if Nick and Raven do end up in Arkansas, I wish them a mud-filled, happy life.