If You Can Go Without These 7 Things In Your Relationship, Your Partner May Not Be “The One”

Ashley Batz/Bustle

The concept of doing "anything for love" tends to get romanticized a lot. When someone's willing to give something up for the sake of their partner, some people may think they must really love them. But according to experts, this thinking can be problematic. While there are some things you can give up for your relationship, there are other things you absolutely cannot.

"A good relationship is one that encourages and supports you as you are now," Lesli Doares, couples consultant and coach, tells Bustle. "It's one that encourages you to be your best self, not some version of who they think you are or should be. Being asked to give up or sacrifice who you are creates resentment which will eventually kill the relationship."

Love shouldn't require you to sacrifice something that's important to you. A love that's built to last doesn't come with conditions. If you feel the need to give something up for your partner, they're likely not the one for you.

"This doesn’t mean that you can't lean in on things that are not big issues," Margaret Paul, PhD, bestselling author and relationship expert, tells Bustle. "But with issues that are very important to you, compromising and making sacrifices will lead to problems."

If you feel like you can go without these things in your relationship, experts say your partner may not be "The One."