If You Have These 7 Weird Things In Common With Your Partner, You're More Likely To Last

Ladavinskyy Oleksandr/Shutterstock

While most people know that they don't need to have everything in common with their partner, it's still really tempting to fall for people who are similar to you. And while this isn't the formula for love, when people stay together for a long time, it may be because there are certain ways they tend to mirror one another. What couples have in common when they've been together for a long time, though, may be a bit more surprising than you think.

The things that matter for couples to share in the long run are generally not the things that seem to matter on the surface: things like shared music interest, hobbies, or preferred cuisine. "It’s easy to think that what matters in a relationship is shared interests and hobbies," Liz Colizza, MA, LPC, head of research at Lasting, tells Bustle. "While these things make a relationship smoother, and possibly more fun, they are not vital to having a successful and healthy relationship. What matters most for couples to have in common is their level of commitment to one another, mutual emotional dependence and the desire to move toward one another." And these forms of emotional connection can be strengthened by more nuanced little shared traits.

While it may be frustrating if you and your partner struggle to choose what to watch on Netflix during a night in, these sorts of disagreements aren't usually going to be detrimental long-term. More everyday, simple commonalities, may be more important — even if they seem a bit odd upon first glance.

Here are seven weird things you have in common with your partner that may mean your relationship is more likely to last, according to experts.