If You Moved In With Your Partner, Here’s How How To Make The Best Out Of The First Year Together

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Moving in together is a really big, exciting step in any relationship. Not surprisingly, however, it is a life transition that can bring with it many highs and lows, and a few circumstances you might not have considered beforehand. But trust that while there is no rule book for what to expect during the first year of living with your partner, there are things you can do to make it easier as you go along!

"A lot of couples move in together excited and thinking that their love for each other will make it work," counselor David Bennett, who runs Double Trust Dating, a relationship coaching program, tells Bustle. "The reality is that living with someone is hard, and can bring with it challenges."

Bennett says that you want to go into the big move not out of convenience, but because you really want to take this step. This can better assure that whatever comes up as you learn to live together will be approached from a place of love and mutual respect.

"You can find that living with your partner will amplify [the good qualities] of your relationship and you'll enjoy the extra time living together provides," Bennett says. But don't be worried if there are a few learning curves and road bumps! Below, take a look at some of the ways you can cope with all that comes along in your first year of living with your love.