Experts Say These 7 Body Language Cues May Mean Your Partner's Attraction To You Has Changed


No matter how often your they tell you they love you, you probably occasionally feel like your partner isn't attracted to you anymore. Maybe your schedules aren't lining up quite as well as you'd like or you feel like you're sometimes more like roommates than partners, and you aren't sure whether your connection to each other is as strong as it once was. Periods like this are normal in any relationship, especially if you have been together for a while. It could mean absolutely nothing and doesn't need to be looked into further. But in case you're curious about what body language could potentially say about your partner's feelings toward you, some experts suggested some interesting connections.

For one thing, if your partner begins suddenly changing the way they dress or the kinds of places they hangout, this could point to a change in their emotional state, Deanna Fernandez, MA, EdM, MHC, a NYC-based therapist, tells Bustle. While this isn't strictly a body language shift, per say, it's a physical change that might point back to an emotional change. Try asking your partner about what inspired their new style or if they can introduce you to their new favorite spots to go. Who knows — you two might be able to bond over the new interests together.

Here are some body language signs that might signal that your partner isn't attracted to you anymore, according to experts.