If You'll Miss 'One Day At A Time," Read One Of These 11 Books About Latinx Families

by Kerri Jarema
Adam Rose/Netflix

It's official: On Thursday, Netflix announced the cancellation of One Day At A Time after three seasons, and fans are mourning the loss of the lighthearted-yet-revolutionary series about a Cuban-American family.

Latinx people don't often see themselves or their families represented in mainstream media. Besides The CW's Jane the Virgin, there is no other family show currently airing on an English-language network that features a primarily Latinx cast. (The America Ferrera-led Ugly Betty, which aired on ABC between 2006 and 2010, is a notable predecessor.)

Luckily, though, there are numerous books written by Latinx writers about Latinx characters and families that might just fill the One Day At A Time-sized void in your life. While not all of the 11 books below could be classified as comedies, most of them tackle complex issues with the same grace and compassion as One Day At A Time. In these books, you'll meet characters who are navigating complex family dynamics, protagonists who are straddling the line between two cultures, and people who are dealing with mental health issues, single motherhood, and so much more.

Some of these book will make you laugh, most of these books will make you cry, and all of these books will remind you that Latinx stories are a crucial part of American culture:

'The Book Of Unknown Americans' by Cristina Henríquez

Through the tragic story of two teenagers living in an apartment block of immigrant families, Henríquez charts the expectations, dreams, and heartbreaks of refugees in the United States.

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'I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter' by Erika L. Sanchez

After her "perfect" sister Olga unexpectedly dies in a car accident, Julia uncovers some devastating secrets about her Mexican immigrant family. But how can she deal with the truth when she can't even deal with her own mental health?

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'Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe' by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Both Aristotle and Dante are loners dealing with their own personal dramas: Ari's brother is in prison and his father is dealing with PTSD; Dante is struggling to figure out his own identity. But when they unexpectedly meet at the pool one summer day, they form a fast-and-steady friendship that could change both their lives.

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'The Education Of Margot Sanchez' by Lilliam Rivera

In her rapidly gentrifying Bronx neighborhood, Margot Sanchez is living through a summer of change and navigating her maschismo father and brother, her rich prep school friends, and the community activist she unexpectedly forms a connection with.

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'The Victoria In My Head' by Janelle Milanes

Victoria dreams of being a rock star. But she's an introvert, and her strict Cuban parents watch her every move. But when the opportunity of a lifetime arises, she'll have to figure out how far she's willing to go to achieve her dream.

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'More Happy Than Not' by Adam Silvera

Aaron Soto is struggling to find happiness after a family tragedy leaves him reeling. But with the help of his new best friend, Thomas, Aaron starts to open up about his tragic past and carve a path forward.

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'How To Leave Hialeah' by Jennine Capo Crucet

In this short story collection, Capo Crucet transports readers to the predominantly Hispanic working-class neighborhoods of Hialeah, Florida. There, among kitchens full of plátanos, domino tables, and cigar factories, she exposes the voices at the heart of the city.

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'American Road Trip' by Patrick Flores-Scott

When Teodoro "T" Avila's nearly perfect brother, Manny, returns from a tour in Iraq with a severe case of PTSD, T's fiery sister Xochitl hoodwinks her them both into a road trip with many stops along the road to visit loved ones from their past.

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'Gabi, a Girl in Pieces' by Isabel Quintero

Quintero's story follows Gabi Hernandez as she chronicles her last year in high school in her diary, from college applications to her best friend's pregnancy and her father's drug addiction. It's an both unflinching and recognizable portrayal of growing up Latinx.

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'With The Fire On High' by Elizabeth Acevedo (May 7)

With her daughter to care for and her abuela to help support, high school senior Emoni Santiago doesn't have time to indulge her passion for cooking. But when she steps into the kitchen, her only real choice might be to let her talent break free.

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'Don't Date Rosa Santos' by Nina Moreno (May 14)

Rosa Santos is caught between her abuela and her mother, an artist who crashes in and out of her life; between Port Coral, the Florida town they call home, and Cuba; between following her heart, and succumbing to an old curse. But with her future on the line, she must find her own place between it all.

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