Catherine Seems To Have Learned A Lot From Her 'Bachelor' Experience

Rick Rowell/ABC

Colton has whittled his 30 Bachelor contestants down to just 19 and another four women will be eliminated on Monday as well. He's burning through his selections quickly, but it'll still be weeks before fans find out who Colton picked in the end. Luckily there are ways to find clues about who goes home and who sticks around. (And no, I'm not talking about Reality Steve spoilers.) For example, if you want to know if Catherine is single after The Bachelor, there are a few places you could turn.

In case you forgot, Catherine is the contestant who brought her dog Lucy to the show to meet Colton. She's also the one who rubbed everyone the wrong way on night one by stealing Colton for like four mini-chats. It's always a frowned-upon act, but it's also something that the leading men themselves never really seem to mind. Case in point, Colton defended Catherine to E! News after the premiere aired.

"Honestly, even in the moment and even watching it, I'm like, all right, she's letting it be known that she's here for me, and she's going to do whatever she needs to do to get time with me," Colton said. "I actually respected it."

Perhaps him defending her is a sign that Catherine makes it far on the show and actually isn't single now? Colton wouldn't want people to be slamming his future wife. And, after all, Courtney Robertson is proof that even villains can win this show. Plus, Colton and Catherine do have a very intense love of dogs that they share. It's why Catherine brought Colton her dog on night one — to prove that she trusts him with her baby and to cement their mutual puppy love.

Rick Rowell/ABC

As for other clues that Catherine is or isn't single, those are a little harder to come by. Her Instagram is devoid of pics with any other men, so there's no hint that she got eliminated and started dating someone else. She's mostly just been posting cute pics with her female friends.

Like this sweet shot:

And this birthday shout out:

And cute pics of her dog, of course.

And also promo pics for the show:

She did post a vague caption on one selfie that may hint things didn't work out for her on the show like she would have liked.

She wrote:

"I’m not perfect. I’m broken. Being vulnerable takes courage. It is ok to not be ok. Do not compare yourself to others. Just try to be better than the person you were yesterday. Be kind to everyone, including yourself. Everyone is facing their own battles. Be the light in the darkness."

But also that could just be a message to the haters calling her a villain.

Sometimes people on this show aren't that careful about spoiling the ending — hello Shawn and Kaitlyn — but Catherine seems pretty tight-lipped about her relationship status post-show. She seems to be hanging with her ladies and her pup for now, and time will tell if Colton picked her to be his final rose.