Clues That Corinne Doesn't Win 'The Bachelor'

Rick Rowell/ABC

Corinne Olympios recently made waves on The Bachelor after her topless pool antics. Love her or hate her, Corinne has become a standout this season on the long-running reality TV series. But, does she have what it takes to win the game? Is Corinne single since The Bachelor filming wrapped?

Considering that many fans (and fellow contestants) have (possibly unfairly) already labeled Corinne as this season's "villain," there's a chance Corinne is going home soon. But hopefully not too soon, considering how fun she has been to watch. She was the first to kiss Nick, she wasn't afraid to take a risk in the pool, and she is 24 years old and child free, but she has a nanny. Whatever way you slice it, Corinne makes for good TV.

So, is Corinne going home soon? Or is she in it to win it? I took to her Instagram for clues about her relationship status. While it's really to early too tell which bachelorette Nick Viall will choose, I can try to speculate anyway. In my totally unscientific opinion, I think Corinne is single. While I can't say this for sure, there are some clues on her Instagram account that point in that direction.

Following her recent pool antics, Corinne was trolled pretty heavily on social media. (Not cool, guys.) In an Instagram post to her haters, Corinne cleverly explained the she *donut emoji* care what they think. She unapologetically said, "I was confident and I was me. Yes I seemed a bit aggressive in last [night's] episode but I've been through a lot in my life and I did not want any time wasted ... it takes guts to be in that situation and you will see the inner me unravel quite soon. If I bother you that much please just don't look at my social media and keep the mean comments to yourself. I'm only human."

"You will see the inner me unravel quite soon ... " This quote seems ominous to me. I would guess that it means we are going to see a vulnerable and heartbroken side to the contestant who fans have been quick to call a villain. Perhaps this unraveling will happen if/when Nick sends her home?

In a more positive post, I found out that Corinne is in love. And, it's an important relationship: The one she has with herself. In a cute post she wrote, "Everyone needs a pair of love glasses. Always be yourself and love yourself because you are amazing 💖 life is too beautiful to sit around and worry about what the world thinks of you. Note to self — I love you."

Keep your love glasses on, Corinne. I can't wait to see where your Bachelor journey brings you — even if you don't walk home with the final rose.