Is Jackie Sharp In 'House Of Cards' Season 5? Her Return Doesn't Seem All That Likely

With the Underwoods setting up to take the White House by storm when House of Cards returns to Netflix on May 30, surely fans want to know if Jackie Sharp will be returning in Season 5 to stir things up.

Although anything can happen when it comes to HOC, I seriously doubt that Jackie will be able return to the political fold after going on record against the vindictive President Frank Underwood. Jackie practically ruined her political career by sharing her testimony against Underwood and exposing her extramarital affair with Frank's former Chief of Staff, Remy Danton, to the public. And I'm not quite sure that she can come back from that as long as Frank has control of the Oval Office.

You may recall things going awry for the former Majority Whip when Frank maliciously went against her during the presidential election in Season 3. The move prompted Jackie to later become part of a revenge plot to expose him alongside her on-again, off-again lover, Remy. The duo would team up to give testimony against Frank just before running off into the sunset with one another in Season 4.

It's also worth noting that Mahershala Ali, who plays the role of Remy, revealed that he would not be returning to the series in an interview with GQ shortly after Season 4 aired last year. So, it would make total sense if both Jackie and Remy's storylines end with them living happily ever after outside of the dirty world of Underwood politics. Plus, actor Molly Parker, who plays Jackie, doesn't have any Season 5 episodes credited on her IMDb page.


I suppose it remains to be seen if Jackie still has more to salt to add to Frank's wounds, but I can't imagine she'll successfully return to D.C. without Remy by her side as back-up.