Xo Could Be The One Tying The Knot On 'Jane'

by Rosie Narasaki
Lisa Rose/The CW

Jane The Virgin fans now know that there are wedding bells ringing in the future, but we're still missing a pretty crucial piece of information: who's getting married? The Feb. 6 episode ended by jumping three years into the future, where Jane and Matteo are getting ready to leave for the big event. Right now, one of the more likely scenarios is that Jane is going to Xo's wedding in the future.

Season 3 has spent a lot of time slowly getting Jane (and viewers) on board with her newly rekindled relationship with the oft-referenced Bruce. It's really done its due diligence in trying to get Jane — and by proxy us — to realize that this time really is different. Since Xo is already talking about moving in together, it's very possible that three years down the line, they've decided to get married.

In a Jan. 23 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrea Navedo, who plays Xo, said that she could see a future for the couple. "I think there’s a big possibility and we’ll have to see what happens," she said. "It’s not going to be a flighty one." Now, will that be that "not flighty" enough to make it past the three year mark? It's definitely within the realm of possibility. Not only is she thinking about moving in, but the way she's handling the move is incredibly mature. Xo told Alba civilly, and a good several months in advance, which is a big contrast from last time, when she impulsively moved in with Rogelio in a fit of anger.

Lisa Rose/The CW

Navedo bolstered the concept of Xo's growth in an interview with Bustle from before Bruce re-entered the picture, when she said, "I think it's a time for Xiomara to kind of discover herself. She's gonna be making some big decisions about career and stuff like that in Season 3 and trying to mature." Perhaps marriage is another one of those big decisions.

But ardent 'shippers also have to wonder if Rogelio will be part of the equation three years from now. We left them each separately embarking on potentially very serious and long-term relationships, but in the same interview, Navedo hinted that being apart could ultimately help Xo and Rogelio. She said:

"As much as I, Andrea, would like Xiomara to be with Rogelio, I also want Xiomara to grow up and mature and have a journey, like a real human, and not stay stuck in an infantile state ... I'm not sure that Rogelio is a part of that. Sometimes you have to walk away from the ones you love to really grow and appreciate them and learn about who you are as a person to gain a little bit of perspective — a little breathing room."

If that's still true this far into the season, three years is definitely a lot of time to appreciate someone, so perhaps this jump will pave the way for a reunion. And said reunion would definitely be fabulously telenovela-worthy if it happened just as Xo was about to tie the knot with someone else.