The One Planet Retrograde That Can Actually Be GOOD For Your Life

For years you've heard about Mercury retrograde, that merciless period four times per year when everything seems to be twice as difficult as it normally is. Most of the other planets in our solar system have retrograde periods, too. So, if you've been asking yourself, "is Jupiter retrograde real," the answer is a resounding "yes." I'm sorry if that's the answer you hoped for when you googled that question. But, before you write planetary retrograde rotations off as new age mumbo jumbo, let's define what it actually means when planets go retrograde.

Despite the word, planets do not actually travel backward during a retrograde rotation; they simply appear that way because of their position in relation to the Earth and Sun at various times throughout the year. When it comes to astrology, "What retrograde means ... is that the characteristics of that planet — and whatever astrological sign it’s in at the time — may be repressed or may be expressed more internally than externally," wrote Diana Price for Inquisitr. "Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on the circumstances for each individual."

I recommend viewing astrology similar to how you would a weather forecast. You likely check the weekly forecast before making outdoor plans, right? Astrology works the same way.

Jupiter Retrograde Is A Balancing Act

The predictions and advice given by astrologers during retrograde periods are meant for you to interpret and apply to your life how you see fit. If you're wondering why you keep getting caught in a metaphorical downpour without an umbrella, perhaps it's time to see how planetary retrogrades might be messing with your mojo.

In 2018, Jupiter Retrograde is in Scorpio, which means that this retrograde is all about reigniting passion, both in your work and social life. Having this retrograde be in Scorpio means that all the qualities that Scorpios count as strengths are muted — so even if it's not your sign, it'll still feel kind of like having vertigo. If you're feeling like this, and you're not loving it, it might be time to take a deep dive into subconscious. The more off you feel, the more you need to pay attention.

Examine Your Love Life

Prior to Jupiter Retrograde on Mar. 8 (it lasts until July 10), you probably felt a little more grounded than you do now. You may have experienced a period of harmony right after New Year's, but maybe now things are feeling a little intense. Here's why.

"Some retrogrades, like Mercury, get a bad rap because they’re rumored to hamper certain aspects of our lives like communication and travel," Kate Rose wrote on Elephant Journal. "Jupiter Retrograde, on the other hand, is like lifting a veil from what we’re normally scared to see."

If things are off kilter in your relationships, Jupiter retrograde will likely make this pretty apparent. This period is a time to examine what's not working, and make some difficult decisions about how to proceed.

"We don’t often discuss balance in love, yet most relationships end because of this factor. It’s easy to lose sight of our needs when we begin a relationship with someone," Rose wrote on Elephant Journal. "We dismiss our need for freedom, quiet, and even sex; we overlook practical aspects like communication or home rituals. And then one day we wake up and realize we aren’t where we want to be."

Do A Deep Dive

Basically, during Jupiter Retrograde you can discover that, just like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz, you have had the answers the entire time. This isn't necessarily a comforting feeling, though, because once you know what's wrong you're going to have to do something about it if you want to move forward. Ugh.

"We’ll either realize our relationship is on life support — or we’ll become acutely aware that we’ve found our person," Rose wrote. In addition to love, Jupiter retrograde is also a time of unparalleled opportunities to discover your true life's purpose.

"Interesting and unexpected opportunities may still present themselves during this time — and if that happens, it will often be directly connected to lessons you need to learn, and aspects of yourself you've ignored," advises.

So, is Jupiter retrograde real? Think back over everything that's happened to you since Mar. 8, and then you tell me.