KKW Fragrance Is 25% Off — But You Have To Act Fast

Kim Kardashian isn't just the star of a reality television show, a mom of three, a mobile video game app mogul, and brain behind KKW Beauty. Nope. Kardashian is a woman of many talents, so she's also the creator of KKW Fragrance, and for National Fragrance Day, she's giving fans a can't miss sale on her eponymous perfumes.

According to the KKW Fragrance Instagram account, Kardashian wants to help her fans celebrate the scent-centric holiday by giving them the best gift of all: smelling like her. OK, so you may not smell exactly like Kardashian, but you will be wearing Kardashian approved scents, and that's basically the same thing, right?

For March 21, you can get 25 percent off all of her crystal themed fragrances: Crystal Gardenia, Oud, and Citrus. Plus, it's not just the larger sizes. Both the small (30 mL) and large (75 mL) bottles are part of the sale. There's also no coupon code required. Simply head over to the brand's website, and you'll see that the prices have already been adjusted as soon as you start to shop. Add your fragrance of choice to your cart, and you've only got a few days until the Kardashian created smell is on your doorstep.

If you want to shop the Crystal Gardenia fragrances at their discounted price, you'll need to move quickly. Since the sale is in honor of National Fragrance Day, it's only lasting for a cool 24 hours. Since Kardashian and the brand are based on the West Coast, that probably means that you've got until midnight Pacific Time to get the 25 percent off discount that she's offering.

Kardashian's fragrances caused quite a bit of a stir when they were first released. They were reportedly limited edition with no restocks in site. Of course, this made her fans scramble to get their hands on one of the three perfumes and resulted in a sell-out. Whether or not you believe Kardashian is a benevolent beauty goddess or just withheld a bit of information (that's your decision to make), the scents were restocked within days of their initial launch due to popularity. Since then, they've been available for purchase on the KKW website.

They've also become somewhat of a cultural moment, too. While no longer available, Kardashian Kimoji Hearts fragrances made headlines not for their smells, but for the mogul's PR list.

During the launch of the Valentine's Day perfumes, Kardashian explained in a Snapchat video that she because of the love-filled holiday, she would be sending her fragrances to everyone, including her haters. A moment later, she showed fans the list of those receiving the new products, and to the internet's glee, there was two full rows of famous names Kardashian has feuded with. From Taylor Swift to Piers Morgan, she made sure everyone felt the love (and the shade) for Valentine's Day.

According to Kardashian, though, the more was more about empowering herself than shading her haters. She explained on her app that the decision to let people know that no matter what people say, she'll continue to be her, and honestly, that's probably why people love both her and those kind of shady scents she created.

While you won't be able to get the Kimoji Heart fragrances, you can still shop all three of the KKW Crystal Gardenia fragrances for National Fragrance Day. Whether you're into florals, citrus scents, or deep smells, Kardashian may just have something for you in one of the three scents. Remember, though, the sale is only for a single day. If you want to smell Kim Kardashian approved, you may want to head over to her site now.