Luke & Stassi's Relationship Went Down In Flames After 'Bachelor Winter Games'


Bachelor franchise veteran Luke has been heating it up on Bachelor Winter Games this season, with sparks flying between him and Stassi. He originally appeared on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, coming in fourth place, so he was apparently hoping that Winter Games would be kinder to his heart. We've seen him making progress with Stassi, but things can go haywire at any given moment on a reality dating show — so, is Luke single after Bachelor Winter Games? His Instagram is notably absent of any romantic partner as far back as I can see, which doesn't necessarily mean anything, but other couples who are on the same show have been more open sharing cute snaps with each other before the show wraps up. His feed is mostly full of shots promoting his country music career, and captions thanking fans for downloading on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

He may simply be using social media for more of a promotional tool rather than sharing intimate details of his life with his followers, or it could turn out that he doesn't have anything juicy to share at the moment. Stassi also hasn't posted any glimpses of Luke on her social media, especially not in a romantic fashion. Again, they could just be keeping the mystery alive until well after the Bachelor Winter Games finale airs, or they might have moved on. Though we still can't know for sure, an Entertainment Tonight sneak peak of the Bachelor Winter Games reunion suggests that Luke is not as invested in Stassi as she apparently was in him. She confronts him about the relationship they have (had?) together, and he basically blows her off without uttering much more than "yeah."

Yikes. Maybe love wasn't ever in the cards after all. Stassi definitely deserved a better response than what Luke gave her, and maybe now it's clear why Luke was passed over for becoming the Bachelor. In an interview with NashvilleScene.com, Luke even said that appearing on The Bachelorette wasn't necessarily something he would've done on his own. He said a woman who used to cut his hair actually is the one who sent the casting department his information, after trying and failing to set him up on a few blind dates. Once producers approached him, he figured he'd give it a shot. "I was at a point in my life where I was just saying ‘Why not?’ to a lot of things, and trying some new things out," he told the outlet. "And the opportunity came up, and I just kind of started on that track. And then it all just kind of happened pretty quickly, actually."

Ahead of the season premiere, he told Entertainment Tonight that he was excited for Bachelor Winter Games when the opportunity presented itself. "My relationship runs pretty deep with all the folks in the Bachelor world, so we've talked year to year," he said. "Seasons of other shows have come up, and there's been a few different seasons now; The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise have all come and gone. Now this one came up, and I was at a point where I said, 'Hey, this sounds like fun. You got me. Let's do it.'"

This easygoing outlook when it comes to the show seems to separate Luke from those who are hell-bent on finding love when they appear on the show, but it also isn't fair of him to put Stassi through that emotional distress if he was seemingly not actually interested in her. He's a grown man and should address the situation as such rather than deflecting like someone trying to lazily get out of a high school fling. They seem happy on the show, but if Luke's behavior toward her at the reunion was any indication, it may be best for him to take some time by himself.