Fans Think Meryl Streep's Character Is Dead In The 'Mamma Mia' Sequel & No, They Are Not OK

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Fans seem to love everything about the new trailer — except the fact that it seems that Meryl Streep’s character, Donna dies in Mamma Mia 2. The clip, which was released on Dec. 21, has some wondering if Streep is even in the Mamma Mia sequel at all. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again features Donna’s daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) now pregnant and preparing to embark on the journey of motherhood with Donna's friends by her side. Although there are many snippets of Streep littered throughout the visual, it’s hard to actually discern whether or not the actor actually in the new film, or if her entire role in the movie is simply in a montage of past events and memories.

Throughout the trailer, Donna is curiously referred to in the past tense — as if she isn't there. There's a scene when Julie Walters' character Rosie tells Sophie, “Your mother was the bravest person we ever knew. Let me tell you how she did it, all on her own.” In a series of flashbacks, the film relives several milestones in Donna's life. Lily James takes on the role of Donna in her youth as she falls in love with Sophie’s father, amongst other things.

In another dubious moment, Cher pops up in the trailer as Sophie's grandmother, which is but a momentary distraction from Streep's absence. Upon her grandmother's unexpected arrival to a party that she's hosting, Sophie says, “Grandma, you weren’t invited” to which Cher's character quickly rebuffs, “That’s the best kind of party, little girl.”

Of course, Streep is listed as a member of the Mamma Mia sequel cast on imdb, but it's unclear whether or not the actor will actually appear in new scenes in the present for the film's second coming, which is slated to be released in July 2018.

Naturally, fans are already depressed by the idea that her character may have been killed off in the musical sequel. Many took to Twitter to air their grievances with Mamma Mia 2, and the reactions were not pretty — to say the least.

1. Not A Good Way To Start The Day

The trailer got this fan's morning is off to a bad start.

2. Mourning Over Meryl

Another fan is literally fuming about the trailer alluding to Streep's character being dead.

3. No Meryl, No Mamma

This fan doesn't care how great the movie's supposed if there's no Meryl Streep in it.

4. It's So Confusing

This fan doesn't quite know how to feel after catching a glimpse of Cher in the film's preview.

5. 2017 Was The Worst

One commenter reflects on an entire year of disappointments after seeing the film's trailer.

6. Clapback

A series of handclap emojis helped this Twitter user release some the anger.

7. So Many Questions

This social media user is puzzled by the series of events that took place int he trailer.

8. Utter Disbelief

Someone downright refuses to believe the possibility that Streep will not be in Mamma Mia 2.

9. Whose Idea Was This?

Meanwhile, this fan can't believe that someone thought this was a good idea.

10. The Nerve, Honestly

One fan can't believe that someone actually had the never to attempt a sequel without Streep in it.

Since details about the film are still scarce, there's no way of knowing right now exactly will happen to Streep's character. Hints from the trailer certainly imply that Donna is deceased, but the whole thing could very well be part of a grand marketing plan to heighten excitement for the film's release.

Nearly a decade after the first film came out in 2008, fans still have a soft spot for the storyline and characters. As an incredibly important part of the film, Streep's portrayal of Donna remains both unforgettable and irreplaceable, so it's no wonder that fans aren't ready to let go.