A Clue That Michael May Be Returning To 'JTV'

Colleen Hayes/The CW

All of the fans who are still reeling from Michael's death on Jane The Virgin might find some solace in this news. The Jane The Virgin cast is headed to Vulture Festival for an exclusive interview on May 20. Gina Rodriguez will be there, along with her co-stars Justin Baldoni (Rafael), Yael Grobglas (Petra), Andrea Navedo (Xiomara), and Brett Dier. Yes, Brett Dier, the actor behind our dear departed Michael Cordero. This announcement undoubtedly leaves fans with a lot of serious questions, but the most important one has to be: Is Michael returning to Jane The Virgin?

After Michael's tragic, but not totally unexpected, death in the Season 3 episode "Chapter Fifty-Four, "Jane The Virgin flashed forward three years to show how Jane was coping with the loss of her true love. It's something showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told The Hollywood Reporter was an important part of Jane's journey. "So much of the show is about how Jane has all of these hopes and dreams and romantic ideals," Urman said. "And how life changes and challenges her." But, it has left Michael a memory to not only Jane, but the audience, appearing in flashbacks or photos throughout this season.

It's possibly that Dier is appearing at this panel to talk about this season, which he was a big part of, even if only for a short while. However, there's already some evidence that he may reappear on the Season 3 finale, airing May 22. Rodriguez posted a photo to Instagram that featured Dier and the rest of the cast during the filming of the episode, teasing that Michael is gone, but not forgotten.

Dier told Vulture earlier this year he hoped Michael could come back in "fantasies in Jane’s head or something like that, which is cool because the show can do that. It won’t be just an excuse to have Michael back. It’ll actually make sense for the show." But, what he really hoped was that he could just come and hang out on set "just to see them again." So, maybe he was just hanging out on set?

The actor is right that with a show like Jane The Virgin, where flashbacks and dream sequences are common, there plenty of leeway for him to return. If he is in the finale, though, it may be a chance for Jane to get some closure.

Throughout this season, Jane has been working hard to get back on the dating scene and an episode dedicated to her truly saying goodbye to Michael, so she can start a new relationship sounds plausible. Especially, since that little photo Rodriguez shared includes the first JTV sighting of Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey, who is slated to appear in Season 4.

The panel takes place two days before the Season 3 finale, which means they probably won't be giving too much away about this episode that may or may not include Michael. Of course, being that Jane The Virgin has never shied away from its telenovela roots, there's always the chance Dier will announce Michael has an evil twin, so definitely stay tuned.