Is My Marriage Unhealthy? 7 Signs It May Be Time To Fix Things, According To Experts


Relationships constantly change. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes it's for the worse. It's very possible for a perfectly healthy marriage to turn unhealthy as time goes on. But if you're aware of the signs that indicate your marriage is becoming unhealthy, you can turn things back around.

"A healthy marriage can turn unhealthy for a number of reasons," licensed psychologist and relationship therapist, Diane Strachowski, Ed.D, tells Bustle. But the biggest reason why relationships turn unhealthy is the response both partners have to internal and external stressors. "It helps to think of your partner as a tea bag," Strachouski says. "It's only when they're in hot water that you get a sense of their true needs or personality."

When you and your partner are dealing with major changes in your lives, like a new job or a move, it's easy to act out in unhealthy ways. For example, if your partner's new job is causing them a lot of stress, they may get distant, easily irritated, or even lash out at you. If this turns into a pattern every time they're feeling overwhelmed, your relationship may go from healthy to unhealthy over time.

But major life changes and stress aren't the only things that can cause marriage issues. Small, everyday things can affect your relationship without you realizing it. So here are some surprising signs your marriage may be becoming unhealthy, according to experts.