Rebel Wilson May Have Just Confirmed That 'Pitch Perfect 4' Is In The Works

It's impossible not to fall in love with the Barden Bellas, which is what keeps audiences coming back for more. But what's better than three Pitch Perfect movies? How about a fourth! And based on a recent photo Rebel Wilson tweeted out, that may be exactly what's currently in the works. The image features Wilson with her Pitch Perfect costars Brittany Snow (Chloe), Anna Camp (Aubrey), and Chrissie Fit (Flo) — all of whom are holding up four fingers. So does this mean a Pitch Perfect 4 movie is happening or are they just toying with our emotions?

As of now, Universal Pictures has yet to confirm that a fourth installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise has been given the green light, but there's no denying that this photo speaks volumes when it comes to this Acapella group's future. The fact that all four of them are holding up the number four and the image is captioned with not one, not two, not three, but four heart emojis makes it seem like they're trying to convey a pretty clear message. Given how popular all three of the Pitch Perfect movies have been, it wouldn't be surprising to find out that another film was underway. Because honestly, is there really such a thing as having too many Pitch Perfect movies? (That's a rhetorical question, of course, because the answer is obviously no.)

As for the cast, many members of the ensemble have made it pretty clear time and again that they'd be up for doing as many Pitch Perfect movies as possible, so odds are they'd be open to the idea of being part of a fourth acca-awesome project. In fact, back in 2017, Anna Kendrick told Entertainment Weekly during an interview that she'll never grow tired of making these films. "We'd do them forever," she told the outlet at the time.

In addition to that, Snow recently echoed similar sentiments, according to Refinery29, stating that she said: "We will probably make [the movies] — if they want us to — until the end of time." That definitely bodes well for Pitch Perfect fans, who are undoubtedly thrilled at the prospect of more films to happen down the line. It also seems to make Wilson's photo all the more credible and allow us to hope that a fourth installment of Pitch Perfect really could be in our not so distant future.

As you can imagine, fans immediately took to Twitter shortly after Wilson's post — all wondering if they dare to believe what this image seems to be inferring. "DOES THIS MEAN WHAT I THINK IT MEANS??" Twitter user @HeatherKane19 pondered, while others chose to react with fun gifs that properly evoked their excitement.

Now, just to play devil's advocate, is it also possible that we're reading too much into this and perhaps these actors are merely hoping that their recent reunion could prompt the desire for a potential fourth film? Yes, of course. But let's choose to look at this as a glass-is-half-full scenario until told otherwise. After all, just the prospect of more Bellas in our lives should be music to our ears.