Is Seeing 'Wonder Woman' In 3D Really Worth It?

Warner Bros. Pictures

Every time a summer blockbuster hits theaters, audiences are faced with a dilemma: to spend an extra $3 to see it in 3D or to see it in 2D. It's a tough choice, but let me tell you that seeing Wonder Woman in 3D is worth it. Obviously, to 3D or not to 3D is a personal choice every movie goer must make for him or herself, but those who choose to see Wonder Woman in 2D will be missing out on a pretty great 3D experience.

Like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before it, Wonder Woman was not shot in 3D, meaning it was converted in post-production. 3D conversion, while more common than not, has had some problems in the past, and while I would normally caution against seeing movies in 3D, especially if they were converted, Wonder Woman is one movie where it's worth taking the risk. The film's epic fight scenes and use of special effects definitely deserve to be seen in as interactive an environment as possible. But even the non-action scenes of the film would benefit from a 3D experience, be it the breathtaking walks around Themyscira, the island of the Amazons where Wonder Woman is raised, or Princess Diana's first look at dreary 1918 London. Still not convinced? Here are a few main reasons why you should see Wonder Woman in 3D.

The Action

As a superhero relatively new to the big screen, Wonder Woman fights in a completely new style. The intricate sword work, the lasso of truth, it all works to create fight sequences unique to Wonder Woman. And those action sequences shine in 3D. The fight scenes are also incredibly detailed and filled with badass slow motion guaranteed to make 3D worth it.


Wonder Woman's home is a beautiful hidden island, and the stunning Amazonian safe haven just needs to be seen in as many dimensions as possible. Furthermore, the training scenes and fight scenes that take place on Themyscira are so vibrant, they won't be washed out in 3D conversion (which is known to sometimes fade or dampen on screen color).

Unlike Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman is a colorful film. In fact, the movie steers away from the sepia tones that filled BvS. What does this mean for 3D? Well, the use of color in Wonder Woman should keep the conversion process from dulling the colors too much, thus flattening the image like it sometimes did with BvS.

The Box Office

Time to get real: there is a lot riding on the success of Wonder Woman at the box office. If the movie fails to turn out big numbers, you can bet that Warner Bros. Pictures and DC will be more hesitant to make female-led superhero films. And that's why Wonder Woman is going to need the support of every fan at the movie theaters, not just on social media or from streaming one year from now. 3D ticket sales alone might not be the send Wonder Woman to the top of the box office, but it will help send a message to studios that audiences are willing to pay to see Wonder Woman fight men in 3D.

Wonder Woman deserves to be seen — period — whether in 3D or 2D. 3D will just be a little bit more fun.