Selena Gomez Just Drastically Changed Her Hair — AGAIN

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It has been a busy week for Selena Gomez's glam squad because the star is clearly having a hard time sticking to a 'do. Selena Gomez just changed her hair for the third time this week, and the look is a total shocker.

A-listers are known for undergoing major style transformations at the drop of a dime. So, it's not unusual to see a celeb rocking waist-length extensions one day and a pixie cut the next. Perhaps, nobody fits this description better than Selena Gomez, a hair chameleon who seems to have commitment issues when it comes to her mane. From blonde hair that sent Twitter into a frenzy to speculated post-breakup chin-length hair, Gomez has done it all. Girlfriend can effortlessly rock a bob, blunt bangs, long waves, and everything in between, proving she's the hair transformation queen.

Even though she's known for experimenting with her color, length, and texture, Gomez is now switching things up like never before. The actress just debuted an edgy undercut and in a matter of days she has already scrapped that 'do for something more playful. The hair reveal came via Instagram and it was nothing like her last 'do.

In a post from celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo, Gomez's new look was the main attraction. The brushed-under bob featuring eyebrow-length bangs was a major throwback, seeming to take notes from a 1950s style book. Even though the star has rocked bangs and bob variations plenty of times before, the look tested the beauty waters for Gomez who hasn't done anything like this prior.

Photographed at quirky angles making fish faces and showing toothy smiles, Gomez seemed to embrace the playful nature of her new hair and makeup. A bright lip and pink and yellow pops of color in her waterline, combined with the vintage hairstyle, made for an adorably soft glam look.

Vanngo's "Coming soon..." caption hinted that the refreshing style has a purpose other than Gomez wanting to experiment again in her usual fashion. It looks like the star may be working on a new project, but only time will tell.

Gomez has yet to feature the 'do on her own social media. Her undercut remains as the most recent hair shot the star has given fans on her Instagram. A spur-of-the-moment hairstyle crafted by cut master Tim Dueñas and stylist Marissa Marino, the 'do was a badass side of Gomez fans had never seen.

It's hard to believe that just a few short days ago, Gomez's voluminous curled-under bob was a long braided ponytail with a geometric cut shaved into her head. Given that these are drastically different styles, one is inclined to believe the retro bob could be a wig. After all, it's not like Gomez isn't one to charter into wig territory (hence, her rainbow bangs and a chin-length chop she has fooled her fans with in the past).

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Then again, the vintage cut could be the real deal. Selena Gomez's natural locks are usually styled in shoulder-length waves, lobs, and bobs. So, the throwback bob-bangs combo wouldn't be far from her norm.

Plus, Gomez was just spotted a couple of days prior to the bob wearing her shorter hair. Photographed with a fan, her long braid was gone and her locks covered her recent undercut. That means Gomez has had three styles in less than seven days, if you haven't been keeping count.

Whether or not the Velma-esque 'do she's now rocking is real, Gomez is keeping everyone on their toes. The singer-songwriter has sported many hairstyles, and she honestly wears every single one to perfection.