Selena Gomez Shaved Her Hair Off & She Looks So Badass

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you're Selena Gomez, you can seriously never do any wrong. It doesn't matter if you go blonde, rock short hair, keep it long, or dye it brown— the singer has done it all in the past few months. But Selena Gomez shaving her head, just may be the most dramatic change the star has done with her mane.

As the face of Pantene, Selena Gomez is always serving up hair goals like there's nothing to it. She once shocked fans by rocking a super short, chin-length bob. Then there's no forgetting the time she showed off rainbow bangs, although it turned out the colorful additions weren't permanent. Even Selena Gomez's blonde hair caused a frenzy that was enough to solidify her place as a bombshell that never needed to go back to her usual brunette. So, it's safe to say the internet is obsessed with all of the singer's hair transformations, considering each one seems to be more drastic than the last.

But her latest Instagram post is proof that maybe, just maybe, Gomez hasn't had a 'do that has completely broken the internet; That is until she recently chopped off her hair, her most shocking style move yet.

Okay, okay, so Selena Gomez didn't exactly shave her entire head. But she did buzz off a hefty portion of her locks, giving way to a style that's like nothing she has ever done before.

No, this isn't photoshopped. Selena Gomez really does have an undercut, and it's definitely the most badass thing the 25-year-old has done to date. Pulling her locks into a high, braided ponytail, the singer revealed she's been taking risks while currently vacationing in Germany.

Posting to Instagram with a caption that read, "Always need a subtle change", Gomez's new 'do was anything but understated. The shaved section of her head featured a simple triangle-esque design that made her braided look just as edgy as it was feminine.

The 'do was the brainchild of hairstylists Marissa Marino, the ponytail slayer, and Tim Duenas, responsible for the cut. "My girl #selenagomez at it again...she loves to keep me on my toes!," wrote Marino via Instagram, as if to suggest the cut may have been a spur of the moment decision.

Whether it was thoroughly planned in advance or not, Gomez appears to be in awe of the 'do. In a video posted to her Instagram story, she giggled and showed off the undercut, as background commentators hyped her new look.

It looks like praising the undercut will be in Gomez's future for some time to come, because the Twitterverse is already giving their approval of the hairstyle, too.

Fans were quick to give the A-lister suggestions for taking her undercut to the next level. Perhaps, a dye job is in order.

She may even spark a spring/summer trend as her shaved 'do was enough to convince some that an undercut is the next "it" hairstyle.

Proof that the style is groundbreaking for its ability to be concealed by letting the hair down or put on display with locks pulled up, some never realized an undercut was hiding underneath her ponytail (which fans were quick to point out).

Of course, Selena Gomez isn't the first celeb to rock an undercut. Zoe Kravitz did it with a dainty blue heart dyed into her cut, Miley Cyrus was once a fan of the look, and Kylie Jenner even tried the style on for size.

Gomez is just yet another boss babe doing the trendsetting look justice, and boy, oh boy, does she wear it well. Fingers crossed that she takes the look up a notch by trying out more designs or even bleaching the 'do in the near future.