Is Stephen Graham Married? You're Not Alone If You Have A Crush On 'Line of Duty's Next Villain

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My personal rule is that if they don't have sex appeal, then they're not really a great villain. Luckily, Line of Duty's latest villain ticks all of the boxes. He's the balaclava-clad man who you might've seen from the show's series five trailers, and he's played by the rather dishy Stephen Graham. While he's set to be Line of Duty's most dangerous villain yet, you still won't be able to help but wonder: is Stephen Graham married? You might have seen the actor before, but he's set to get under your skin more than ever this time around.

I reckon you'll see what I mean when Line of Duty returns for its fifth series on Sunday, March 31 at 9 p.m. on BBC One. That's when you'll get to see Graham in all of his balaclava-clad glory. Although, to be fair, this man's British acting royalty, and it's likely that you've seen him crop up before. If you were a fan of the This is England film and series, then you might remember him as the not-so-sexy skinhead Combo. That was a villain that really didn't possess sex appeal.

As he's usually typecast for villain roles, I wonder what Graham's like behind the screen, and whether he has someone to come home to after a long day of sweating under a balaclava. It appears that he does, and it just so happens to be ultimate hashtag couple goals.

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His wife Hannah Walters just so happens to be in the acting biz too, and you might remember her as DC Grace Riley in Broadchurch, or as Trudy in This Is England. According to Leicestershire Live, the pair met at Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London, where they both attended. "We were bezzie mates," he told the newspaper. "Which is the best way, isn't it? After a while we just thought: this is daft, do you know what I mean? We like each other, we should get together."

Walters revealed in an interview with the Express from September 2013, that she lives at home with Graham in Leicestershire with their two children Grace and Alfie. She also seems to have embraced the body positive movement, as when she was asked by the paper if there was a certain body part she could change, she replied: "I’ve no problem with my size. Big girls are sexy — that’s a fact."

She also revealed in that interview that Graham lovingly refers to her size eight wearing feet as "flipper feet." While you sorta can't help but love the couple just from that fact alone, there's so much cuteness in Walters and Graham's marriage beyond that. As your new favourite villain revealed to The Mirror in August, 2016, his dyslexia means that Walters regularly opts to step in and read his scripts for him.

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“My buffer system is my missus. She reads them first. If they’re good I have a look. She’s turned down a few fantastic ones but that’s another story," he told the paper. Besides reading scripts together, they've been known to do a spot of charity work together, having raised money together for a hospice back in 2017, as a local Leicester site reported.

So dedicated are the pair to one another, that when Graham was filming in New York for Boardwalk Empire, he declined first class flights from Gatwick so he could spend more time with his family. "Rather than fly first class from Gatwick and spend all these days in a swanky hotel in New York, I fly economy class from Birmingham," he told Leicestershire Live. "But doing that means if I have a break of four days or more, I fly back." Talk about dedication.

So, while he might be your new favourite sexy villain, don't go sliding into his DMs after Line of Duty's series five premiere. This man is well and truly spoken for.