'The Bachelorette' Schedule Has Nothing To Do With 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Thomas Lekdorf/ABC

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, Bachelorette fans, but The Bachelorette is not new on July 3, 2017. Our favorite Bachelorette (she is your favorite, right? Because if not, you should re-evaluate some things) is taking a break from new episodes for a week but will resume sending home contestants on the July 10 episode. With all of this Bachelor In Paradise drama in recent weeks, is The Bachelorette not on because of Bachelor In Paradise?

Long story short: No. It's likely not on because of the holiday weekend for the Fourth of July. As The Bachelorette Twitter account announced, there will instead be a repeat showing of last week's two-on-one episode. The Bachelorette is not the only show unaffected by the Bachelor in Paradise drama. BiP itself has resumed filming after production was shut down in early June due to what production company Warner Brothers called in a statement, “allegations of misconduct.” Later it was revealed that the alleged misconduct reportedly took place between Corinne and DeMario, with Corinne claiming she has no memory of their reported hookup and DeMario denying any wrongdoing.

After an internal investigation, Warner Brothers concluded that there was no misconduct found and filming could continue. Bachelor In Paradise has since reportedly put in place new rules on sexual activity and drinking on the show. But none of this means that The Bachelorette isn’t new on July 3 because of Bachelor In Paradise.

Frankly, The Bachelorette is probably not new because July 3 is the eve on a major United States holiday (Independence Day), and since so many people are off from work and vacationing, I guess they figured that not many would want to watch and decided to skip airing a new episode altogether. That day is a day for marathoning old television shows (if the weather is bad) or scheduling a cookout (if the weather is good). Plus, The Bachelorette just showed two episodes in one week — we can take a short break.