'Master of None' Ends With A Mystery


Spoilers ahead. Season 2 of Master Of None ends with a stark injection of reality after Dev managed to get closer than ever to seeing all of his dreams come true. His dream girl and his dream job are ripped away from him in the season finale, but at the end it seems that all hope is not lost. Despite having gone back to her fiancé, the final shot of the season is of Francesca lying in bed with...Dev? Is Master Of None's final scene a dream? Is it real? What's going on here?

Master Of None makes a lot of bold choices in its second season, from changing the show's setting to Italy for its premiere, sidelining the main cast for an entire episode, and turning its penultimate episode into a double-length miniature film. The season ends on perhaps it's boldest move of all, offering no clear resolution as to what ends up happening with Dev and Francesca. Immediately prior to the final scene, it seems that Francesca and Dev are finished so why tease audiences with a final scene that shows them sharing a bed together? There are a few possible interpretations of the final scene, but until Master Of None returns for Season 3 (if it ever does), we won't know for sure.

The Final Scene Is A Dream


Multiple times in Master Of None, the audience has gotten a peek into its characters minds through dreams sequences. Memorably, in the second-to-last episode of the season Dev both imagines him and Francesca as the stars of a romantic Italian film classic, and dreams of Francesca literally ripping his heart out and throwing it into a wood chipper. While the final scene isn't as fantastical as any of Dev's dream sequences, this could be a dream from Francesca's point of view as she fantasizes about a future with Dev.

The Final Scene Shows Their Real Future Together

After Francesca cuts things off with Dev, his friend Arnold asks him "What did you think was gonna happen?" Dev's only answer is that "it would all work out," despite the reality that Francesca had spent all of her life in Italy dating one man for all of her adulthood. While Dev has been through many relationships and has an idea of the typical ups and downs, Francesca would be learning many of these lessons for the first time.

When Francesca lies awake in the final scene and over at Dev, it's not with love or affection — it's with uncertainty. Dev opens his eyes as well, seemingly equally uncertain. The final scene may be a brief window of what Francesca and Dev's future would actually hold if they got together — disappointment.

The Final Scene Shows Their Real Past Together


Francesca staying in Dev's bed may be a shocking sight, but it's not the first time in the season that Francesca has slept over. During a blizzard, Francesca has no way of getting home so Dev offers to let her stay there, and they end up sharing a bed. However, Dev later tells Arnold that nothing happened. When the final scene opens, the first shot is of a frosted window — which would fit the time where Francesca stayed over. Perhaps this is a clue that something else happened that night that Dev and Francesca haven't spoken about — or perhaps it just shows the moment where Francesca realized that she really did have feelings for Dev.

The truth of what the final scene means may never be known, but its point comes across loud and clear — no matter what Dev thinks about how "evil" Francesca is, these two really did love each other. The uncertainty of the characters in that final moment comes from having to hold onto this overwhelming emotion with no way to channel it, and the end of the series shows that sometimes love just can't beat circumstances. Whether or not Master Of None's final scene is a dream sequence, a flash-forward, or a flashback, it accomplished its goal of breaking the audience's heart one last time before the credits rolled.