This 'Ocean's 8' Decision Proves It's So Not Your Average Blockbuster

Warner Bros. Pictures

The 2018 summer blockbusters keep coming, but moviegoers are finally going to get something different. After the barrage of superhero movies led by the likes of Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, many fans would appreciate a film from a different genre. Thankfully, the star-studded heist movie Ocean's 8, which hits theaters on June 8, looks like just the ticket. The film is standing out from the pack of summer films by being less action-oriented, while also eschewing other blockbuster trends. For instance, Ocean's 8 has no post-credits scene.

This makes the movie a bit of an outlier in today's blockbuster-oriented movie industry, since post-credits scenes have become expected by audiences in big films. Not only that, but in movies like Infinity War and Deadpool 2, they're actually pretty key parts of their respective films, and if you miss out on seeing them then you're not receiving the full moviegoing experience. But Ocean's 8 is more of a throwback blockbuster. Instead of relying on special effects and extra teases, the movie simply lines up a bunch of big stars like Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna and tells a compelling, exciting, and most importantly, isolated story. When you go to see Ocean's 8, you're there to see one movie and that's it — you're not there to get a heads up on what Debbie Ocean will be up to next summer. But that doesn't mean the film won't leave you wanting more.

Ocean's 8 is, after all, an installment in a franchise. It's a continuation of the Ocean's trilogy that spanned from 2001's Ocean's 11 to 2007's Ocean's 13, with Sandra Bullock's Debbie Ocean taking over protagonist duties from her brother, George Clooney's Danny Ocean. Since the franchise's previous Clooney-led incarnation lasted for three films, it does seem likely that Ocean's 8 will try and aim for a similar path with Ocean's 9 and 10 to follow if Ocean's 8 is successful, and even though the film has no post-credits tease, it does slyly plant a seed that could sprout in a sequel, one that involves none other than Danny Ocean.

Mild spoilers for Ocean's 8 to follow. In the new film, it's established early on that Danny Ocean is dead. Debbie soon visits his grave, where we learn that he apparently passed away in 2018. How he died is never discussed, and that's probably because he isn't really dead. At least, the movie sure makes it seem like he's not. While visiting her brother's grave, Debbie is paid a visit by Reuben, one of Danny's crew from the previous Ocean's trilogy. The two have a discussion about her upcoming heist plan and what a certain someone thinks about it, and while they don't mention him by name, it's pretty clear they're talking about Danny — in the present tense. Then, after completing her heist, Debbie pays Danny's grave a visit again at the end of the film and offers him a toast — making sure that he stays present in the audience's mind in case he shows up in a sequel.

It may be a bit early to talk of a sequel for Ocean's 8, but some light chatter has already begun. Some members of the cast discussed what actors they'd like to see in a potential Ocean's 9 movie with USA Today's Patrick Ryan, and threw out legendary names like Emma Thompson and Jane Fonda. One name they didn't mention was George Clooney, but given his history with the franchise, it sure seems like he could come back anytime he wanted to.

So while a sequel may not be absolutely guaranteed, there's plenty of reason it could happen if the powers that be want it to Fingers crossed, fans.