The New ‘Ocean’s 8’ Trailer Will Make You SO Freaking Excited For This Girl Gang Heist

After what feels like an eternity, a new Ocean's 8 trailer is officially here. The diverse, woman-led heist film has been teasing audiences with its existence for literal years now, and the first Ocean's 8 trailer that dropped in December 2017 wasn't enough. Now, audiences can watch Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, and Helena Bonham Carter plot to rob the annual Met Ball with even more quips, cocktails, and well-tailored suits on Blanchett. Seriously, Rihanna as a hacker? Bullock as George Clooney's estranged younger sister that also rocks a heist on occasion? It's just genius. It's a wonder fans have survived this long without a new full-length Ocean's 8 trailer to swoon over.

On April 11, Mindy Kaling tweeted that the new trailer for Ocean's 8 would drop on April 12. With it, she posted a tiny teaser clip, in which fans finally learn something new about the secretive film. Kaling plays a character named Amita — and that was it. Even though the film's official release is just months away, the IMDb page is sparse. Good luck trying to figure out anything about his movie that the studio doesn't want you to know.

With that, here's the all-new trailer for Ocean's 8:

Whew. The fashion. This cast. The potential for celebrity cameos. Honestly, the trailer should come with a bottle of expensive champagne. It has all the hallmarks of a summer blockbuster, plus not a lot of dudes at all. (Oh, heck yes.) It's also revealed a little more than previous trailers have, but not much. The studio obviously wants to keep some aspects of this film a secret. "But why?", you might find yourself asking, "Everyone seems excited for it, so what's the point of keeping fans in the dark?" The answer might lie within two words: the internet.

Ocean's 11 (2001) was a remake itself of an original Rat Pack-era film, so audiences kind of knew what they were getting into with that. Ocean's 8 is a gender-swapped sequel and a series reboot, which is somewhat more ambitious. It makes sense that they would want to keep details under wraps.

After all, the less you know, the less you can use to start a targeted anti-Ocean's 8 campaign, in the key of the Ghostbusters remake. The mere indication that a studio was planning to release a remake that cast the original roles as women launched a truly bizarre assault against Ghostbusters online. Individual stars were targeted, and haters organized in an attempt to tank the film's rating, and by extension, reputation. It didn't exactly work, but rattled enough proverbial cages to cause a lasting effect. Now the mere possibility of backlash could be enough to shroud a film in secrecy. On the other hand, though, enticing fans with a high-profile cast, an A-plus premise, and little else virtually ensures that people will see it in theaters. After all, you can't reasonably hate on (or totally love) something you're in the dark about.

Conspiracy theories aside, Ocean's 8 has so much going for it. Even if audiences only know the basics about it going in. It looks sharp, funny, sexy, and generally amazing. Plus, there are levels on levels going on in it! Is Anne Hathaway's Daphne Kluger character in on the con, or is she not? It would appear as if she's one of the key players Debbie Ocean has assembled, but is she also one of the high-profile targets? It's hard to say.

Ocean's 8 premieres on June 8, 2018. But if they wanted to release it earlier, that would be totally cool too. For now, enjoy this brand-new full-length Ocean's 8 trailer over and over and over again.