'BiP' Star Vinny Knows TV Love Like The Back Of His Hand

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Million Dollar Matchmaker, Patti Stanger (she who once coined the term "millionairess"), took on one of her biggest challenges yet: Bachelor Nation. On the second season of her new series, Patti invited both Vinny Ventiera and Daniel Maguire to the Millionaire's Club in order to give them her best advice on falling in love. Prior to the show it was hard to tell = if Vinny was still single after Million Dollar Matchmaker, because around the same time he was taking Patti's advice, Vinny was also returning to Bachelor in Paradise for the second time. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Vinny is single right now. In fact, he and Ashley may have really made things work after MDM, if his social media is telling anything.

The whole idea behind this season of Million Dollar Matchmaker is that Patti Stanger is taking these celebrities, keeping them in a multiple day workshop, and really figuring out their problems. Hopefully, Patti was able to get at the heart of why both Vinny and Daniel have never quite found any success on the Bachelor franchise before: their terrifyingly codependant friendship. Seriously, constantly competing for the love of the same women can't be good for their friendship or their relationship prospects. After getting dumped by Izzy during the third season of BiP, Vinny could certainly use a new chance at love. As for whether or not he found it, he posted a pic of himself and his MDM match Ashley shortly after the episode aired.

Aside from the one pic, though, he's stayed pretty quiet on his relationship status. He's been traveling nonstop, going back and forth between jobs (he's a DJ), spending time with his family (his mom was his date to the red carpet premiere of Million Dollar Matchmaker), and relaxing with friends. He's been on the move constantly, and, don't forget, promoting two reality shows that are premiering within a week of one another.

Don't forget that his love life will play out again on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. And, Vinny has dropped a few hints here and there about whether or not he found a new relationship in Paradise. "Last season of Paradise, I was in a relationship but that ended about half way through the season. This season is good," Vinny said to US Weekly. "August 4 the world will know my relationship status." That's the night Million Dollar Matchmaker premiered, so maybe this thing with Ashley is the real deal. Or, maybe that all happened before Paradise and he left that show with another lady. It's hard to tell for certain — so only time will reveal all.

Other than that, the closest thing to a romantic relationship in Vinny's social media is his bromance with Daniel. So, if things don't work out with Ashley, at least he's got a great BFF.