This Photo Hints Ivanka's Family Is Taking An Unconventional Approach To Black Friday

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Black Friday, generally the busiest shopping day of the year, is seen as the official kickoff to the holiday season, and millions of Americans take it as an opportunity to go shopping for the best deals of the year. First daughter Ivanka Trump's Black Friday tweet, however, shows that she and her family took a slightly different approach to this traditionally busy day.

"Fishing with my favorite angler!" Ivanka wrote, posting two pictures of one of her sons out fishing. Ivanka's little angler is wearing a t-shirt in front of a backdrop of blue skies, making it clear that the family hasn't left south Florida. As The Hill wrote, Ivanka and her family were at Mar-A-Lago for Thanksgiving.

It's clear from the tweet, though, that Ivanka has chosen to spend the day away from the hustle and bustle that so many Americans are experiencing in malls and stores across the country. It also follows the pattern of her previous tweets from this Thanksgiving holiday, which, unsurprisingly, also show her deep connection to her family.

"After watching their Grandpa pardon 'Peas' and 'Carrots' at the White House on Tuesday, Joseph and Arabella have sworn off turkey and are insisting on a vegetarian Thanksgiving!" she wrote in a tweet from Thanksgiving Day. "Gobble, gobble."

Later that day, she posted a picture of herself and her three children all dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner at Mar-A-Lago, along with her well-wishes to all of her followers.

"From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! xx," Ivanka captioned the tweet.

Fellow Trump sibling Eric, along with his wife Lara Trump and son Luke, also spent the holiday at Mar-A-Lago, according to Inside Edition. The first couple and their son Barron were also there, along with younger Trump daughter Tiffany. Donald Trump Jr. and his children celebrated the holiday elsewhere.

Despite Ivanka's children's request for a vegetarian meal, Newsweek reported that the Trump family Thanksgiving menu featured plenty of meat, including turkey, lamb, beef tenderloin, and several types of fish. Pictures from the event posted on Twitter show an opulent affair in a Mar-A-Lago ballroom, with many more guests beyond just the Trump family.

The Thanksgiving break comes at a convenient time for Ivanka, who has recently come under fire for the recent reports that she used her private email account for official government business. House Democrats quickly pledged to investigate Ivanka's email usage, mirroring how congressional Republicans treated the same infraction when it was carried out by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. President Trump, for his part, claimed that Ivanka had used her private email in a far different manner than Clinton did.

Another way in which Ivanka's Black Friday is a slightly different one this year is that she closed down her fashion brand in July, as The New York Times reported at the time. The brand produced bags, clothes, and numerous other items that shoppers might have bought up on Black Friday — but this year, Ivanka doesn't have a bottom line to worry about. Instead, she and her family can just relax out on the water.