Jennifer Aniston's Answer To Kaitlyn Bristowe's 'Friends' Question Is *Chef's Kiss*

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The one where Jennifer Aniston got jokes. Hours after the Friends actor joined Instagram, The Bachelorette's Kaitlyn Bristowe slid into Aniston's Instagram comments to ask a very important question about Ross and Rachel's relationship status. And Aniston's response to whether Ross and Rachel are still together ended up being a hilarious Friends callback, that might also finally give fans some closure.

When Aniston officially joined Instagram on Tuesday, Oct. 1), it seemed everyone and their mother wanted to send her a welcome message. But, Bristowe used her comment to Aniston's first Instagram post, a new photo of her old Friends gang, to get some much-needed answers. “ARE YOU AND ROSS STILL TOGETHER!!???” Bristowe wrote. To which Aniston had the perfect answer, which was captured by the Comments By Celebs account: "well, we're on a break." Mic drop, Aniston out. And someone please check on Bristowe, who was shocked she even got a response. "The one where I sh*t my pants," she wrote on Instagram.

For those who have spent literally two decades trying to decide whether Ross and Rachel were actually on a break, this lighthearted response might put an end to the controversy. In Season 3, Ross and Rachel get into a fight about how they should spend their anniversary, which leads her to ask whether they should take a break. After the blowup, Ross sleeps with Chloe from the Xerox place, but think it's no big deal since they were on a break. Unfortunately, Rachel strongly disagrees, saying it was a just a fight.

In the 22 years since that episode aired everyone and their therapists have weighed in on the controversy, most agreeing Ross and Rachel were so not on a break. However, whether they were or not, Aniston's comment might finally put an end to the "we were on a break" debate. If only she would have joined social media earlier. Better late than never, though.

Aniston's Instagram actually broke a Guinness World Record. In just five hours and 16 minutes, she picked up one million followers. The former record holders, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, reach the million mark in five hours 45 minutes. She might have also broken the internet, something she joked about in her second post featuring a clip from her new series The Morning Show. "I swear I didn’t mean to break it,” she wrote after her Instagram was temporarily unavailable due to the excess traffic.

Clearly, Aniston has a knack for this. But, it turns out she isn't really new to this Instagram thing after all. When visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (Oct. 16) she revealed that she did have a finsta.

"Well, it was a stalker account, yes," she joked. "When I was thinking about doing this, I sort of figured it was time to kind of understand the world and dip my toe into the sort of social media pool."

Clearly she shouldn't have worried, she's taken to Instagram like a fish to water.