Jennifer Lopez & Drake Are Officially Collaborating, So Let The Song Predictions Begin

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He started at Degrassi High School and now he’s here. And by “here,” I mean “recording a song with venerated goddess J. Lo.” In recent interviews with Extra and Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Lopez confirmed she and Drake worked on a song together. Yes, just as many suspected, the Drake and Lopez collaboration is really happening. Jury's still out on the J. Lo and Drizzy dating rumors, but at least we know we have a J. Lo and Drizzy tune to look forward to. I'll take it.

Uh-oh. Do you know what time it is? It's Kristie-makes-some-predictions-about-J. Lo-and-Drake's-song o'clock. Ready to dive into the waters of conjecture? Here we go.

When will the song be out? I mean, don’t look at me for the actual release date. I don’t have a crystal ball or an inside scoop or a direct line to J. Lo’s office. Sorry to let you down. However, if I were to listen to my gut, my gut would say this song could be out before this summer. I know it's only January, but whatever, I'm putting this out there: I predict that the king of summer 2016 may rule summer 2017 alongside Lopez.

What will the song sound like? A J. Lo and Drizzy track would sound like magic. Like joy. Like objective attractiveness. Oh, and probably like the song that played at the Winter Wonderland Prom. Just a hunch.

Whose album will it be on? When ET asked her about the collab, the Shades of Blue actor said, “We’ll see if it’s on [Drake’s] next album.”

Wait. You mean it might be on More Life? As in the Drake album that is supposed to be out relatively soon? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So uh, I predict this song will be on More Life. Just a hunch.

Will this J. Lo and Drake song be the only J. Lo and Drake song? Uh, it might be? But if we’re lucky, maybe it won’t be. When Extra asked J. Lo about the Drake collab rumors, she replied, “We are, well, we did. We did one song together. I don’t know if we will do more. We will see.”

The thought of J. Lo and Drake recording multiple duets gives me chills. Happy, blessed chills. So, here's my prediction/dream: J. Lo and Drake will one day record an entire album together and go on tour together.

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What if Drake and J. Lo scrap this song and decide to not release it after all? I predict I will draw all of the curtains, swaddle myself with a wool blanket, and take to my bed.

Will this duet melt my face right off my skull? Of course. I predict my face will look like a melted candle. I mean, we're talking about The Aubrey Drake Graham...

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Can't wait for this collab to hit the airwaves and melt my face right off.